April 1, 2015
This hefty 1611 first edition, first printing of the King James Bible weighs in at 40 pounds. It is clear it is a first printing, because of a mistake in Ruth 3:15 where it reads “he went into the city” instead of “she went into the city.” The printers caught the mistake part way through the run and corrected the error. These so-called “He Bibles” are very rare.

An LDS Treasure Hunter’s Rare Finds

Reid Moon is unabashedly an LDS treasure hunter. It is not gold that intrigues him, but the richer trove of LDS artifacts and rare books—things like Joseph Smith’s own copy of the Book of Mormon or Wilford Woodruff’s travel diary.

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The Last Supper

It was Thursday of the Lord's final week, and that day He and His apostles would share the Passover, their last supper together. (Next installment in an Easter week series)