Saturday, October 25 2014


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Forgiving Oneself By James L. Ferrell

If forgiving yourself is so important, why isn't it mentioned anywhere in the scriptures?

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Mountains Between Us: Sometimes the Mountains are Emotional

Mountains Between Us by Jenny Proctor is the story of two people who have been hurt and are struggling to find better lives.

By Jennie Hansen
Withholding Forgiveness

Unfortunately, somehow, somewhere, we come to prize our grudges, and we clutch to them and the lies they tell us despite all evidence to the contrary.

By James L. Ferrell
LDS Fiction: “How Much Do You Love Me”

I can't decide how much I love, How Much Do You Love Me by Paul Mark Tag. This story of a Japanese American family in an internment camp during World War II left me with mixed feelings.

By Jennie Hansen
What can Reading do for You?

There's new information coming out about how our reading processes are changing. Technology seems to be re-wiring our brains. How can returning to reading a physical book help you?

By Holly E. Newton
LDS Fiction: ‘For Elise,’ No Ordinary Regency Romance

Just when I thought I couldn't take one more Regency novel, Sarah M. Eden's For Elise was released and I loved it.

By Jennie Hansen
LDS Fiction: ‘Diamond Rings are Deadly Things'

The start of a new Wedding Planner Mystery series, each chapter begins with instructions for a craft project that could be used for shower favors, invitations, centerpieces, etc., then that item is incorporated into the story.

By Jennie Hansen
New Books for General Conference

Books can be inspirational and help you get your mind and spirit in tune with the upcoming General Conference speakers. Here are newly published books to help set the tone in your home.

By Holly E. Newton
LDS Fiction: TEMPORARY BRIDESMAID, A Look at Romance After Thirty

Jenny receives a wedding invitation from one of her closest friends and realizes she'll soon be the only single left in her circle of friends. She's getting closer to forty than she cares to admit and there are no prospects in sight.

By Jennie Hansen
Sleepy-Time Books

School time means earlier bedtime for youngsters. What better way to get them to settle down and go to sleep than a great read-out-loud picture book about this subject?

By Holly E. Newton