Tuesday, September 02 2014


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The Turning: Generation X vs. Generation Y By Richard and Linda Eyre

What are the differences between the perceptions of Generation X vs. Generation Y when it comes to prioritizing the family in their lives?

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The Turning: 7 Ways to Strengthen and Protect Your Family

Here are seven direct and effective approaches to strengthening, protecting, and preserving our families. These approaches have always been important, but now, in the face of all that is happening to the family, they are more crucial and more necessary th

By Richard and Linda Eyre
The Problem with a Religious Superiority Complex

From the first word I ever heard our friends sing in testimony of Jesus, I knew that they loved him as I do.

By James L. Ferrell
The Turning: What Can we Do about Family Breakdown?

The family is breaking down in our society, and a new book, excerpted here, tells us what we can do about it.

By Richard and Linda Eyre
Who is Winning the War on Families?

How do we turn the tide? How do we fortify families? How do we celebrate commitment? How do we popularize parenting? How do we bolster balance? How do we validate values?

By Richard and Linda Eyre
Unacceptable and Acceptable Sins

When we shun others because of their particular struggles, we begin to live a wicked lie: We are saying that our own sins are more acceptable than others’, and we are therefore implying that they need the Lord’s Atonement more than we ourselves do.

By James L. Ferrell
The Importance of Revaluing the Family

We believe that turning our hearts toward our families and re-enshrining family as the crux of our culture is the only alternative to society’s demise. Although this may sound extreme, it is not. Let me explain.

By Richard and Linda Eyre
Falling to Heaven: Rules Without Heart

The Lord wishes to bless us and change us. He wants us to pray to him, for example, so that he can speak with us, but what can he do if we are just going through the motions?

By James L. Ferrell
Falling to Heaven: The Repentant Path

During a long plane ride a few years ago, I learned a great lesson about how the Lord strips us of pride, and how the resulting guilt turns to our good.

By James L. Ferrell
The Turning: Why the State of the Family Matters

"Analysts, data, and statistical packages have made little progress against these scourges (of the family). And they never will because their tools and methods are designed to describe, not explain."

By Richard and Linda Eyre