Monday, September 22 2014


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Church History

Discrepancies Between Accounts of the First Vision By Michael R. Ash

The real concern isn't about "covering up" the fact that these different accounts of the First Vision exist, but rather what we make of the fact—acknowledged for decades by believing LDS scholars—that there are discrepancies between the accounts.

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Most Current Articles in Church History

Letter to a Former Missionary Companion: Account of the First Vision

I received your letter with your concerns about Joseph Smith and the beginnings of Mormonism. I think this is a good place to continue our discussion.

By Michael R. Ash
How Joseph Smith Translated the Book of Abraham

For most people, the idea of translating is fairly straightforward. The difficulty in assessing the Book of Abraham is that while Joseph Smith says he translated the Book of Abraham from papyrus, he never uses that word in the conventional way.

By Kerry Muhlestein
BYU-Hawaii Student Creates LDS Apostle App

A group of BYU-Hawaii students created an app that allows users to see what the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints looked like at any point in history since 1832.

Gifts of Love to Nauvoo

During the summer of 2014, the city of Nauvoo welcomed the British Pageant “Truth Will Prevail” as well as the annual Nauvoo Pageant “A Tribute to Joseph Smith” in commemoration of the Nauvoo Pageant’s 10th anniversary.

By Rosemary G. Palmer
Faulty Assumptions about the Book of Abraham

Many members of the LDS Church and critics alike assumed that the text on the papyri which surrounded the original of Facsimile One was the source of the Book of Abraham.

By Kerry Muhlestein
Three Children’s Pioneer Stories on the Trail to Zion

Getting to Zion was a prize worth any sacrifice. "I can die quietly without any complaint," thought the old and weak ones, "if my grandchildren and their children will grow up there."

By Scot and Maurine Proctor
Laid to Rest in Nauvoo

The early Saints in Nauvoo experienced life and death, joy and sorrow. Many died from malaria, disease, malnutrition, and exposure to the elements. Explore the many burial sites of Nauvoo.

By Rosemary G. Palmer
Death in the Trek: A Study of Mormon Pioneer Mortality

New research shows that pioneer mortality rates were not much greater than national averages at the time.

By BYU Media Relations
Seven Powerful Patriotic Quotes You Should Share with Your Family This Weekend

I have gathered some lesser known yet powerful quotes from the first seven presidents of the Church--from those who faced martyrdom, expulsion, persecution, outrage, extreme prejudice, banishment and imprisonment from the very nation they loved so much.

By Scot Facer Proctor