Tuesday, July 22 2014


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Church History

Laid to Rest in Nauvoo By Rosemary G. Palmer

The early Saints in Nauvoo experienced life and death, joy and sorrow. Many died from malaria, disease, malnutrition, and exposure to the elements. Explore the many burial sites of Nauvoo.

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Most Current Articles in Church History

Death in the Trek: A Study of Mormon Pioneer Mortality

New research shows that pioneer mortality rates were not much greater than national averages at the time.

By BYU Media Relations
Seven Powerful Patriotic Quotes You Should Share with Your Family This Weekend

I have gathered some lesser known yet powerful quotes from the first seven presidents of the Church--from those who faced martyrdom, expulsion, persecution, outrage, extreme prejudice, banishment and imprisonment from the very nation they loved so much.

By Scot Facer Proctor
16 Stunning Photographs with Eyewitness Accounts to Help you Remember the Martyrdom on this 170th Anniversary

Joseph and Hyrum Smith were killed 170 years ago today. I have pulled some of my best photographs to help you journey with the Prophet and his brother to the Carthage Jail. I have drawn from eyewitnesses to help the story come alive for you.

By Scot Facer Proctor
Legal Issues, Legal Studies, and the Cold-blooded Murder of Joseph Smith

People will always wonder, how could Joseph Smith have been loved by so many but hated by others? How could some see him as a paragon of American values, while others would accuse him of seeing himself as being above the law and a law unto himself?

By John W. Welch
Nauvoo Observed

"On my way up the Mississippi"—so begins many a travel narrative, sometimes with Nauvoo as a passing attraction on the itinerary, but just as often with the "City of the Mormons," a reference much used in the press, as destination.

By BYU Studies
The Pioneer Story You've Never Heard: The Wreck and Rescue of the Julia Ann

On October 3, 1855, a ship carrying 28 Latter-Day Saints ran into a submerged coral reef in the Pacific Ocean 200 miles from Tahiti destroying the ship. For nearly two months they were left to survive on an uninhabited island nearby. This is their story.

By Fred E. Woods
New Content on Joseph Smith Papers Website

New additions to the Joseph Smith Papers include, among other things, new finding aids, histories Joseph Smith assigned others to write, a letter to Emma Smith, new and enhanced document viewer.

FamilySearch Adds 5.4 Million Images

FamilySearch adds more than 5.4 million images to collections from England, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and the United States.

Reflections on the Old Nauvoo Burial Grounds

"Think not when you gather to Zion your troubles and trials are through, that nothing but comfort and pleasure are waiting in Zion for you." Eliza R. Snow.

By Rosemary G. Palmer