Sunday, October 26 2014


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Gospel Doctrine

Lesson 41
"I Have Made Thee This Day… an Iron Pillar"
By Philip Allred

The prophet Jeremiah provides us with a remarkable study in steadfastness in the Lord.

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Lesson 40
"Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent"

Isaiah was a prophet for many ages. He was first and foremost, however, a prophet for his own times.

By Bruce Satterfield
Lesson 39
“How Beautiful Upon the Mountains”

The book of Isaiah has been called a “fifth gospel” because it testifies in detail of the Christ who should come with power to save.

By Breck England
Lesson 38
“Beside Me There Is No Savior”

The question posed by this lesson is how does the book of Isaiah help bring us to Christ?

By Breck England
Lesson 37
"Thou Has Done Wonderful Things"

Isaiah, as well as the rest of the Lord’s prophets, used symbolism to both reveal and conceal the truth about the Lord and his gospel.

By Philip Allred
Lesson 36
“The Glory of Zion Will Be a Defense”

The importance of the prophetic writings of Isaiah is well known to members of the Church, especially to those who have read the Book of Mormon. The Savior, himself, expressed the significance of Isaiah’s writings.

By Bruce Satterfield
Lesson 35
“God Reveals His Secrets to His Prophets”

“As the prophet reveals the truth, it divides the people. The honest in heart heed his words, but the unrighteous either ignore the prophet or fight him."

By Robert C. Van Sweden
Lesson 34
Old Testament "I Will Betroth Thee unto Me in Righteousness"

Why is the book of Hosea a grand parable of the atonement of Jesus Christ?

By Breck England
Lesson 33
“Sharing the Gospel with the World”

What do you think of when you hear or read the Bible prophet Jonah’s name? “It is ironic that the profound message of the book of Jonah is often swallowed up in the speculations about the great fish."

By Philip Allred
Lesson 32
"I Know That My Redeemer Liveth"

There are no easy answers. We do not know all the Lord's designs and purposes regarding His children. They have not all been revealed.

By Bruce Satterfield