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Old Testament

Lesson 48
"The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord"
Zechariah 10-14; Malachi
By Bruce Satterfield

The Jews taken captive to Babylon remained in bondage throughout the rest of the life of the Babylonian empire.

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Lesson 47
“Let Us Rise Up and Build”
Ezra 1-8; Nehemiah 1-2; 4; 6; 8

Imagine being denied access to the sacrament table. Imagine losing the privilege of coming unto Christ to be purified of Him.

By Breck England
Old Testament Lesson 46
“A Kingdom, Which Shall Never Be Destroyed”
Daniel 2

Because of his dependence on the Lord, Daniel came to be known among the Babylonians as a man of great wisdom.

By Breck England
Lesson 45
"If I Perish, I Perish"
Daniel 1; Daniel 3; Daniel 6; Esther 3-5; Esther 7-8

The Old Testament is teeming with examples of the Lord delivering his true followers.

By Philip Allred
Lesson 44
“Every Thing Shall Live Whither the River Cometh”
Ezekiel 43-44; 47

Ezekiel 43-44 and 47 are wonderful, consoling chapters that form part of the conclusion to a carefully constructed book

By Bruce Satterfield
Lesson 43
The Shepherds of Israel
Ezekiel 18; 34; 37

The prophet Ezekiel is well known throughout Christendom and Judaism for the extraordinary visions contained in that book of the Old Testament.

By Meridian Staff
Old Testament Lesson 42
‘I Will Write It on Their Hearts”
Jeremiah 16, 23, 29, 31

God intends everything in the Old Testament to bring us to Christ.

By Breck England
Lesson 41
"I Have Made Thee This Day an Iron Pillar"
Jeremiah 1-2, 15, 20, 26, 36-38

The prophet Jeremiah provides us with a remarkable study in steadfastness in the Lord

By Philip Allred
Lesson 40
"Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent"
Isaiah 54-56; 63-65

Isaiah was a prophet for many ages. He was first and foremost, however, a prophet for his own times.

By Bruce Satterfield
Lesson 39 "How Beautiful Upon the Mountains"
Isaiah 50-53

If Isaiah were writing his work today about this vision, it would be published as a collection of poems.