Wednesday, August 20 2014


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Gospel Study

Awakening Memories of the Immortal Soul By Larry Barkdull

Although the effects of the Fall may have rendered a wayward soul spiritually dead, a divine provision has been made to awaken and redeem it.

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Most Current Articles in Gospel Study

Ten Sacred Calendars Testify of Christ

Key religious events often occur on sacred calendar holy days, allowing precise dates to be deduced afterward. The life of Jesus Christ provides a compelling example.

By John P. Pratt
Finding a Safe Haven in the Covenant

The New and Everlasting Covenant is the most glorious ever revealed. It contains the greatest hope and the most impressive promises of anything found on earth or in heaven, one of the most astonishing is the blessing of safety.

By Larry Barkdull
The Long and the Short of the Book of Job

When we’re facing true adversity, we often find ourselves wondering what message God is trying to tell us. Are we not righteous or humble enough? Is what we’re going through now a result of bad choices we made some time ago?

By Terry L. Hutchinson
Job: The Man Who Taught Us About Forgiveness

Few people have suffered as did Job. But in the final analysis, forgiveness was the test that turned his “captivity.”

By Larry Barkdull
Who is Worthy to Open the Scroll?: A Message from the Book of Revelation

The focus of chapter five of John’s vision is on the scroll at God’s right hand. The scroll is very significant, for it contains things revealed and hidden—by which the Lord has shaped and moved history during the entirety of its mortal existence.

By Richard Draper and Michael Rhodes
How we got the Book of Abraham

Many people have questions about the origins of the Book of Abraham. It is an interesting, yet complex subject.

By Kerry Muhlestein
Who were the Happiest People?

The Plan of Happiness is central to becoming a Zion person. Happiness is always associated with Zion: “and surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God.”

By Larry Barkdull
The Book of Revelation: Lifting Your Vision to Heaven

Given the circumstances in which the ancient Saints were living and the modern Saints do live, the message in this section of Revelation bolsters trust in the Lord.

By Richard Draper and Michael Rhodes
It Doesn’t Take a Village, Idiot; It Takes a Family

The Lord’s prophets and apostles didn’t write A Proclamation on the Village.

By Gary C. Lawrence