Wednesday, July 30 2014


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Gospel Study

How we got the Book of AbrahamBy Kerry Muhlestein

Many people have questions about the origins of the Book of Abraham. It is an interesting, yet complex subject.

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Most Current Articles in Gospel Study

Who were the Happiest People?

The Plan of Happiness is central to becoming a Zion person. Happiness is always associated with Zion: “and surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God.”

By Larry Barkdull
The Book of Revelation: Lifting Your Vision to Heaven

Given the circumstances in which the ancient Saints were living and the modern Saints do live, the message in this section of Revelation bolsters trust in the Lord.

By Richard Draper and Michael Rhodes
It Doesn’t Take a Village, Idiot; It Takes a Family

The Lord’s prophets and apostles didn’t write A Proclamation on the Village.

By Gary C. Lawrence
Picking Flowers in the Minefields of Mortality

Prophets, other leaders, and scriptures hang signs much like the ones we saw in Syria, on fences near the minefields of mortality. But we are not always as wise as my fellow-travelers on the Golan Heights.

By Ted Gibbons
Beautiful Feet

Nephi uses two words to describe those who do what missionaries do. They are both “B” words, and they carry a great deal of meaning.

By Ted Gibbons
Church Releases “Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham”

The Church has just published an essay on one of of the topics its critics love to fire on.

Letters to a Former Missionary Companion-Is There a Cover-up?

The second in a series of articles which represent a fictional dialogue between two former mission companions about an ongoing faith crisis with which one is struggling.

By Michael R. Ash
Can Poverty Be Eradicated?

Imagine a world in which there is no poverty of any kind—neither the impoverishment of financial distress, ignorance, relationship problems, nor emotional, physical or spiritual health. Amazingly, a few civilizations achieved this ideal by applying to a h

By Larry Barkdull
One Big Reason Why God Gets Angry

I am not a huge fan of the idea that God is sitting up in heaven ready to strike down the first person to break the commandments. I don’t believe in the “angry-umpire god” who is just waiting to scream in our face “YOU’RE OUT!!!”

By Andy Proctor