Friday, October 24 2014


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Building Zion

What is the Law of the Celestial Kingdom?By Larry Barkdull

Only by living this law can we hope to obtain an inheritance in the celestial kingdom.

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Yearning for No Poor Among Us

Imagine a world in which there is no poverty of any kind—neither the impoverishment of financial distress, ignorance, relationship problems, nor emotional, physical or spiritual health. Amazingly, a few civilizations achieved this ideal.

By Larry Barkdull
The Vampire of Light and Truth

Who is the vampire of light and truth? If he can turn your questions into doubts, he will bleed you dry.

By Larry Barkdull
Who Built the Ark of the Covenant?

The man who built the Ark of the Covenant was delivered from slavery to accomplish this mighty work.

By Larry Barkdull
What is the Law of Consecration?

The Law of Consecration is the very core of the gospel, and it permeates every gospel principle. Only by living this law can we hope to obtain an inheritance in the celestial kingdom.

By Larry Barkdull
Do We Believe in the Administration Ordinance?

The administration ordinance has a single purpose: to heal the sick and afflicted, unless the recipient is appointed unto death.

By Larry Barkdull
My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light

When Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light,” he was offering to join with us and help carry our heavy load.

By Larry Barkdull
The Second Coming—What Subject will Monopolize Our Conversation?

Maybe you’ve heard that the Second Coming is at hand. The accompanying cataclysmic events will be unparalleled, but the subject that will dominate our conversation might surprise you.

By Larry Barkdull
Missionary Work in Cyberspace

Can you remember when the term, “Internet,” was a vague, emerging concept embraced mainly by geeks? Can you remember the world before Google and Facebook? In a few years, we might ask, “Do you remember when missionaries knocked on doors day after day?”

By Larry Barkdull
You are invited to the Marriage of the King’s Son

Many saints are called to the marriage of the King’s Son, but few will be allowed to attend. The Lord’s conditions, admonitions and warnings are clearly delineated in the remarkable parable of the royal feast.

By Larry Barkdull