Wednesday, October 22 2014


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Scripture Study

The Difficulty of Translating ScriptureBy Michael R. Ash

Without the original manuscripts of our scriptures, we can never be positive that we have the precise and pristine words penned by the original prophets and scriptural authors.

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Most Current Articles in Scripture Study

Why Arabia’s Hidden Valley is the Best Candidate for Bountiful

It is astonishing how well this valley lines up with Nephi's description of Bountiful.

By Warren Aston
Spiritual Lessons in their Physical Settings

The writings of prophets and the Master Teacher Jesus Himself, may be fully understood only in the physical context and setting in which they were given.

By D. Kelly Ogden
Eve as a “Help Meet” — What Does That Mean?

Although the Bible strongly validates the role of women as wives and mothers, it also shows that God values them just as much when their do not conform to the traditional role.

By Diana Webb
God So Loved the World

Two excerpts from a new book on the final days of the Savior’s Life will add meaning to your Easter celebration.

By Eric D. Huntsman
Why Do We Use the King James Version of the Bible?

Meridian celebrates this 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible with this exploration of why Latter-day Saints use this version, preferring it above others.

By D. Kelly Ogden
Latter-day Saint Concept of Messiah

No concept is more important or more divisive than who Jesus Christ really is. In this article, that you'll want to save for your files, Dr. Ogden sheds some intriguing insights and contrasts between the LDS view and one that often is claimed by scholars

By D. Kelly Ogden
Jehovah, the Loving God of the Old Testament

Many people in today’s world are skeptical of the Old Testament and want little to do with it because they believe they see a vengeful and cruel Jehovah, the God of the Old Testament, who stands in sharp contrast to the God they read about in the New Test

By Val D. Greenwood