Tuesday, July 29 2014


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Missionary Moment: I Felt Something Watching the LDS Commercials on TV By Mark Albright

"I never understood why, but those short Mormon commercial spots always left me with a warm, happy feeling inside. I would look around my own home and wonder why my life was not more like an LDS commercial."

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Most Current Articles in Missionary

Missionary Moment: War Changes Men

"My grandfather once told me that war changes men. It makes the soldier either believe in God or it makes one question Him. He chose to believe."

By Mark Albright
6 Ways to Rethink Member Missionary Work

Whether you are a returned missionary or not, as a Latter-Day Saint, you are a missionary for life.

By Andy Proctor
Former Miss Teen Nevada: I know what it is like to be an outsider at church!

I have never had so many ups and down in a week as I have this one.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: We promised her that she would see again

My conversion story is about a Columbian woman named Edelmira. She changed my life. She taught me about true faith and that the inspired promises we leave as missionaries, are from the Lord.

By Mark Albright
VIDEO: How and When were the First Sister Missionaries Called?

A new video produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tells the story of how the first full-time proselytizing female Mormon missionaries came to be called in 1898.

By The LDS Newsroom
Sharing the Gospel through Social Media

Members of the Church have heard the call to open their mouths, teach all nations, proclaim the Gospel, and bear witness of Jesus Christ. New technology and social media has changed the way we can answer the call.

By Erin Ann McBride
I Was Going to Be the Best Missionary Ever

They all told me that I was going to be the best missionary ever, that I was going to baptize a ton, and that it would be the best experience of my life. I believed them.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: A Walk Across Bermuda

The End-to-End Race is Bermuda's largest community fundraising event where thousands walk, ride, swim and paddle the length of Bermuda (24.1 miles) to raise money for local charities.

By Mark Albright
101+ Easy Ways to Do Online Missionary Work

There are so many ways to do online missionary work no matter how much time you have.

By Andy Proctor