Friday, April 18 2014


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She Couldn’t Find the MissionariesBy Mark Albright

We drove straight to the apartment complex and located the specific building I had seen in my mind. There were a few ways to get to the building, but I then felt impressed that we should take a shortcut.

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The Ding-Dong Door Ditching Approach to Missionary Work

This is the story of my conversion to missionary work. Over the past few years, the Lord has worked a miracle of conversion in the lives of my neighbors, but also in my life as well.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: “I am Already Reading that Book! (Brazil)

Every six weeks the life of a missionary is filled with excitement and anxiety because of transfers.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: Satan has an “I” Problem

All I could think of was that before I came on my mission, everyone told me that this was the best time of their life! I thought to myself, the only thing I'm getting out of this is water-logged shoes and a lot of suspicious stares!

By Mark Albright
Finding Investigators in a Chicago Snowstorm

All this snow in Chicago is not slowing us down one bit!

By Mark Albright
Waiting for My Mission Call

The only thing that exceeds the anticipation of waiting for your mission call is actually receiving it.

By Michaela Proctor
Escaping Gang Life in the Caribbean

Andre was determined to find a cure to his “incurable past.” He soon learned that the only cure available was in Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

By Mark Albright
Vancouver Mission Grieves Loss of Missionary’s Family to CO Poisoning

On Monday the Washington Vancouver Mission, received the tragic news that one of our sweet and beloved sister missionaries, Sister Jensen Parrish, would be going home to Idaho for a family funeral.

By Mark Albright
The Nitty-Gritty of Missionary Work (Georgia)

We all love to hear faith promoting stories of the big miracles that happen to missionaries. But so often the other twenty-three months of a mission are not discussed as often.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Prep in Zimbabwe, Africa

I know that our prayers are answered when we desire to do what is right for the Lord.

By Mark Albright