Monday, October 20 2014


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The Untold LDS Story behind KFC's Rapid GrowthBy Mark Albright

Jack chided him, "This is just one drink, just one time!"

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VIDEO: LDS Missionary gets in Epic Dance-battle with Street Performer

Elder Gus Garcia showing off his new, stylish form of street contacting in Barcelona, Spain.

New Book Gives 101 Practical Ways to Hasten the Work Online

Church leaders have increasingly encouraged Latter-day Saints to use technology and social media to hasten the work of salvation.

Seven Years of Church Attendance to Get Baptized

About seven years ago, the Rodriguez's oldest daughter, Melissa, began meeting with the missionaries and was baptized. Her mother, a devout Catholic, was not happy.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: From Orphan to Elder (Zimbabwe)

By the age of 16, Tatenda Ndunduma had already lost four caregivers, but the Lord had a great work for him to do.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: I Belong to the Church of Evans

This sister asked if we would go out and meet her mother and see if she might let us teach her the gospel. However, and she was quite emphatic about this point, we couldn’t tell her mother that it was her own daughter who had sent us out there.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: He was Killed in a Head-on Collision

When I first met them, they had been meeting with the missionaries for about 2 months. They were the happiest family and were making leaps and strides in the gospel.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: I Served a Mission, Now What?

It has been about three months since I received my release and returned home from the mission field. But ending a mission is only the start of a new beginning.

By Mark Albright
Missionary Moment: Think – Do – Become

This week was zone conference and I received an answer to a question I've had my entire mission... how to "lose myself" in the work.

By Mark Albright
Why We Suddenly Have So Many LDS Missionaries from Zimbabwe

Why are there suddenly so many more missionaries from Zimbabwe? This is the remarkable story about what three women did to hasten the work.

By Maurine Proctor