Monday, September 22 2014


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Line upon Line

How to Keep Temple Preparation Going By Darla Isackson

Most of us, as practicing members of the Church spend a lot of our lives in temple preparation. How do we do it?

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How to Turn off the Worry Faucet

Do you ever wish you could turn off stress and stop worrying? Here’s one way to get a handle on it.

By Joni Hilton
Who Would you Be Without Fear?

In moments of extreme anxiety about the tasks that are required of you, it is important to stop and ask the question, 'who would you be without fear?'

By Anne Hinton Pratt
What Does the Name of Jesus Christ mean to Me?

There remains but one essential step to regain the presence of the Lord: taking upon us fully the name of Jesus Christ. But how do we do it?

By Larry Barkdull
Stop Thinking and Listen

Do we really trust that the Lord has better ideas than we do?

By Joni Hilton
Be Not Afraid

I know that we are taught that “faith is the opposite of fear” and that “if we have faith, we will not fear.” But in reality, I know of no one who has gotten through mortality without dealing with fears.

By Vickey Pahnke Taylor
The Quitter As Hero

We as a people seem to have a deeply engrained belief in the nobility of perseverance. But are there ever times when giving up is the better course of action?

By Darla Isackson
It’s Not the Mud that Gets Glovey

How far can we safely put our toe over the line?

By Joni Hilton
Sharing The Book of Mormon on YouTube

“I exhort you to sweep the earth with messages filled with righteousness and truth—messages that are authentic, edifying, and praiseworthy—and literally to sweep the earth as with a flood.” Elder David A. Bednar.

We Must Stand Fast a Little

When the time comes to do the right thing, we must not consult the consequences before we consult our consciences and our covenants.

By Ted L. Gibbons