Tuesday, September 02 2014


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Line upon Line

Sharing The Book of Mormon on YouTube

“I exhort you to sweep the earth with messages filled with righteousness and truth—messages that are authentic, edifying, and praiseworthy—and literally to sweep the earth as with a flood.” Elder David A. Bednar.

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Most Current Articles in Line upon Line

We Must Stand Fast a Little

When the time comes to do the right thing, we must not consult the consequences before we consult our consciences and our covenants.

By Ted L. Gibbons
The Secret to Fearless Public Speaking

There's a little secret that great public speakers know.

By Jonathan Decker
VIDEO: Mormon Channel on Overcoming Pornography

The Mormon Channel has released a new video on overcoming pornography addiction. Linda S. Reeves talks throughout about the dangers of this issue that the world at large often disregards as a threat.

The Wrong Gift

What happens when the person we seek to bless doesn’t want to be served? What do we do when the gifts we long to give, are not well received?

By JeaNette Goates Smith
12 Tips For A More Peaceful Life

Do you dream of a more peaceful life but instead find yourself living in a state of constant turmoil, anxiety & uncertainty? Peace can be yours if you are willing to make it a priority. Here are twelve tips that will help you achieve a more peaceful life.

By Rynna Ollivier
Groundbreaking, Indeed

Ten years ago something miraculous happened at a temple groundbreaking.

By Joni Hilton
How God’s Love Can Help You to Love Yourself

Let me tell you exactly why, I believe, God loves you. It's because He knows you. He knows me. He knows each of us intimately.

By Jonathan Decker
Baptized Too Soon?

Ever hear someone complain that a member fell away because overly eager missionaries baptized them before they were ready?

By Joni Hilton
I Only Have Two Tiny Mites

Will my two mites attract the attention of the God of heaven? Will he hear my prayer? Does he know me? Does he know what I’m going through? Will he help me? The story of the widow and her two mites opens a view into our relationship with the Savior.

By Larry Barkdull