Thursday, October 23 2014


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Science and Religion

Discovery may lead to lower doses of chemotherapy By BYU Media Relations

BYU researchers stumble upon new information that may change the face of cancer treatment.

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Most Current Articles in Science and Religion

Second Blood Moon of Tetrad Lands on Holy Day

A widely visible total lunar eclipse will occur on October 8, 2014. This is the second of a tetrad of four total eclipses which have been promoted by some Christians as a sign relating to the coming arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ at His Second Coming.

By Ronald P. Millett
One Giant Dino Nose to Rule them All

Newly discovered dinosaur accurately labeled as “Nose King”

By BYU Media Relations
BYU electric car breaks 200 mph barrier to set new land speed record

'Electric Blue' now retiring with mark that could stand for long time

By BYU Media Relations
Calamities Show that Ultimately God Controls the Climate

Severe calamities are predicted to come as part of the last days by the Lord’s prophets. Many scientists predict using computer climate models that the increase in carbon dioxide emissions from man’s use of fossil fuels will destabilize the climate.

By Ronald P. Millett
Playing hunger games: Are gamified health apps putting odds in your favor?

BYU Study breaks down prevalence of apps using game-like rewards to motivate.

By BYU Media Relations
Neuroscientists watch imagination Happening in the Brain

Thanks to the dreams of a BYU student, we now know more about where and how imagination happens in our brains.

By BYU Media Relations
BYU Professor Helping to Eradicate Fatal Sleeping Sickness

Disease is carried by tsetse fly; devastating to humans and livestock.

By BYU Media Relations
A “Telestial” View of Immortality in the Cosmos

The Lord's revelations on immortality stand in stark contrast with the world's ideas about how we can live on.

By Ronald P. Millett
Engineering Students Create New “Torture Chamber” for Blendtec

BYU Capstone project gives the blender giant a new way to test their products.

By BYU Media Relations