Friday, August 29 2014


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Science and Religion

BYU Professor Helping to Eradicate Fatal Sleeping Sickness By BYU Media Relations

Disease is carried by tsetse fly; devastating to humans and livestock.

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Most Current Articles in Science and Religion

A “Telestial” View of Immortality in the Cosmos

The Lord's revelations on immortality stand in stark contrast with the world's ideas about how we can live on.

By Ronald P. Millett
Engineering Students Create New “Torture Chamber” for Blendtec

BYU Capstone project gives the blender giant a new way to test their products.

By BYU Media Relations
Study: Addiction Starts with an Overcorrection in the Brain

The National Institutes of Health has turned to neuroscientists at the nation’s most “Stone Cold Sober” university for help finding ways to treat drug and alcohol addiction.

By BYU Media Relations
Study: Love your Brain with all of Your Heart

Poor heart health can lead to poor brain function.

By BYU Media Relations
From Provo to Cabo on One Gallon of Gas

Newly designed supermileage vehicle sets highest mark to date for BYU.

By BYU Media Relations
BYU Research on Super-Waterproof Surfaces could result in Cleaner, More Efficient Power

While some of this research has resulted in commercial products, the duo of BYU professors are uncovering characteristics aimed at large-scale solutions for society.

By BYU Media Relations
BYU researchers create tiny nano-device in newest gene therapy advance

The ability to transfer a gene or DNA sequence from one animal into the genome of another plays a critical role in the medical research of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

By BYU Media Relations
Can Evolution Create an Eye?

We analyze key reasons why chance evolution is not a scientific fact, but a theory that misinterprets the very Divine power that gives life to all things to prove that Darwinian evolution is true.

By Ronald P. Millett