Thursday, April 17 2014


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Science and Religion

Viewing Total Lunar Eclipse and More Evidence against a Prophetic OmenBy Ronald P. Millett

Are the current group of blood moons together an omen for the future of Israel?

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Most Current Articles in Science and Religion

Are the Four Blood Moons a Significant Last-days Sign?

Next week a total lunar eclipse will occur on the same day as the Jewish Passover on the Hebrew Calendar. Three other lunar eclipses will also closely align during the next two years with the Passover and Tabernacles sacred feast days. Are these signs of

By Ronald P. Millett
Student-designed helmets are head and shoulders above others

Industrial design students like things that are both functional and beautiful. Bike helmets don’t necessarily fit that description because, for the most part, they make people look kind of dorky.

By BYU Media Relations
Were there Men before Adam and other Hard Questions

What about the dinosaurs? How was the physical body of man created? Were there men before Adam? (Part 2)

By William A. Dargan
Where Does the Church Stand on Those Tough Creation Questions?

How old is the earth? Was there death before the fall? Is there any truth to organic evolution?

By William A. Dargan
New Infrared Technique aims to Remotely Detect Dangerous Materials

BYU research advances a technology to monitor nuclear production.

By BYU Media Relations
School children master STEM with self-built underwater robots

Roughly 450 elementary and middle school children demonstrated their underwater robot engineering skills Wednesday at the annual Utah Underwater Robotics competition.

By BYU Media Relations
The Scale of Creation in Space and Time

The accounts of creation in Genesis, Moses, and Abraham are based on visions in which the seer lacked the vocabulary to describe what he saw and hence was obliged to record his experiences in the imprecise language available to him.

By John S. Lewis
BYU Scientists find new way to upgrade natural gas

America’s current energy boom may take a new direction thanks to the discovery of a new way to turn raw natural gas into upgraded liquid alcohol fuel.

By BYU Media Relations
In Defense of the Prophet Noah and the Great Flood

Many modern scientists assert that the Great Flood and many other events in Biblical history must be merely figurative stories. They claim the story of Noah, the ark and the flood cannot possibly be literally true.

By Ronald P. Millett