Saturday, October 25 2014


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BYU Student Top Nation’s Best at Gracie Awards By BYU Media Relations

BYU female broadcasters win three of nine student awards, continue winning tradition

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Tried to Learn Patience: Got Sick of It

I’m in a crucial crossroads in my life right now (does anyone else feel like being in your twenties is just one continual critical moment? It is so exhausting). The restlessness I’m unable to quiet is an unquenchable desire to know what’s going to happen

By Mariah Proctor
A Birthday Card for Joseph Smith

It is customary in my family on the occasion of somebody’s birthday to go around the table and share a favorite memory or something that we love about that person.

By Mariah Proctor
His Grace is Sufficient, Just Not For Me

We tend to do that, don’t we; believe in the scriptures, but refuse to see their application for ourselves?

By Mariah Proctor
The Danger of Disaster-Vision

An old family picture reveals a little too much about my personality.

By Mariah Proctor
The Stupid-ification of Men

Many have stepped forward to combat the issue of the objectification of women, but few show such outrage about the stupid-ification of men.

By Mariah Proctor
6 Things You DON’T Need to be Happy

Here are 6 things that a lot of returned missionaries (and most people) think they need to be happy, but you really don’t.

By Andy Proctor
Reluctant Female Seeks Friendly Introduction to Online Dating

A foray into creating relationships in the digital age.

By Mariah Proctor
Writing Your Own Sacred Song

Learning life's lessons from the psalms.

By Mariah Proctor
The Divine in Me Sees the Divine in You

Having hundreds of friends without having any friends at all.

By Mariah Proctor