Saturday, October 25 2014


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A Baby Named Logic By Daris Howard

The ultrasound shows that the baby is going to be a boy. Tom and I have talked about it, and we think we ought to do something to remember that we first met in a math class. We think our baby’s middle name ought to be something mathematical.

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Most Current Articles in Commentary

When Dad makes Mother’s Day Dinner

I had been a scoutmaster for many years, and had become a professional in the art of cooking over a fire.

By Daris Howard
Life’s Outtakes: Driving With Crossed Wires

The mechanic has crossed the wires on my car. The blinker controlled the headlights, the wiper switch the brake lights, and the lights turned on the radio, making my drive home a real adventure.

By Daris Howard
Life’s Outtakes: Crossed Wires

When I was in high school, I had a little pickup that I drove everywhere. But one day it started smelling like burning plastic. After further inspection, I found that some of the wiring had shorted and melted. That's where my dad came in.

By Daris Howard
My Conversion To Multiplicitus

So, after the terrible experience I had with my relative staying for a whole day harassing me to become a salesman for Multiplicitus, a multilevel company, you may wonder why I would even consider signing up.

By Daris Howard
Why Won’t Essential Oils and I mix?

"A drop or two of this in the back of the throat and that cold is as good as gone,” my oils guru assured me after scanning her guide. I wanted to like essential oils so much. I really did.

By Margaret Anderson
The Great Chemistry Experiment (Beans Part 2)

The exciting to conclusion to the roommate and beans conundrum: when college science classes go wrong.

By Daris Howard
Life’s Outtakes- The Great Bean Experiment

My roommate John had never learned how to cook anything besides beans. He lived off of them. Unfortunately, beans did to him what they did to most people. It was time for an intervention.

By Daris Howard
Experience Is The Edge

Experience and hard work will eventually edge out talent every time.

By Daris Howard
Of Flowers and Flattery

"Apparently we’re like Mary Poppins with amnesia: We’ve forgotten we’re Practically Perfect in Every Way. But we know otherwise, don’t we?"

By DeNae Handy