Friday, April 18 2014


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Easter Video: #BecauseOfHim

A weeklong, Christ-focused social media initiative that includes memes and a prominently placed YouTube video began Palm Sunday and extends through Easter.

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Most Current Articles in Film

Cinemark Theaters to Screen Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur

The Cinemark theater chain is set to screen HD restorations of biblical epics The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ as part of its classic series.

By Jonathan Decker
'Noah' is an Ambitious Disappointment

Noah is not at all the straightforward biblical epic that its trailers would suggest. Instead, audiences get a daring, if unsuccessful, artistic reinvention of the story.

By Jonathan Decker
Noah: 25 Gospel Truths about Hollywood’s Latest Hero

The March 28th release of the film 'Noah,' provides us with opportunities to engage with the people around us, share our beliefs, and clear up misconceptions.

By Jonathan Decker
Judge Whitaker: A Reel Legacy

His face is illustrated in Disney’s “Cinderella,” and he directed the earlier temple films. Chances are you've seen his work. Or at the very least, you’ve seen a production strongly influenced by him. But you’ve probably never heard his name – until now.

By Erin Ann McBride
Mr. Peabody & Sherman is a Time-Traveling Romp

With impressive animation and a script that is equal parts witty and heartwarming, Mr. Peabody & Sherman will delight children and adults alike, even if it isn't quite an instant classic.

By Jonathan Decker
VIDEO: Making of “Noah” Featurette

In preparation of the March 28 release of 'Noah,' here is a featurette on the construction of a vessel of biblical proportions for the film.

Son of God: The Best Film Yet About Christ

I have to disagree with the mainstream critics here: Son of God is my new favorite film about Christ. It's an imperfect film about the perfect Savior (all films about Him are), but it's sincere and well-crafted.

By Jonathan Decker
The Return of the Biblical Epic

2014 will see the return of a once popular film genre with films like Son of God, Noah, and Exodus.

By Mariah Proctor
Christian Church Leaders Launch National “Theater Take-Over” Campaign for Son of God Movie

Few movies have been able to take over an entire multiplex, but now the religious epic Son of God is taking over several multiplexes nationwide on Thursday February 27, the day before it debuts on 3,000 screens.