Thursday, April 17 2014


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The Places I’ve Called Home By Janice Kapp Perry

I grew up on a farm. I’ve also worked in the middle of downtown Chicago. I’ve lived two short blocks from the ocean in California. I can truthfully say I've loved every place I’ve called home.

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Most Current Articles in Music

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Announces 2015 Tour

Choir to Perform in Bethesda, Carnegie Hall, Saratoga Springs, Bethel Woods and Boston

Church Callings Prepare us for so Much More

Step by step, calling by calling, I have learned to overcome fears, stand up and teach and testify, and develop all the tools for finding fulfillment in my life.

By Janice Kapp Perry
The Nashville Tribute Band’s Call to Serve

On March 17, 2014, the Nashville Tribute Band's newest album, My Call to Serve, will join their formidable line-up of CDs. But this one is different. And you’ll have to hear it to understand why.

By Erin Ann McBride
Why Country Music Ain’t what it Used to Be

Why are the songs no longer about yesterday, about tomorrow? Where is Wynonna Judd’s voice singing “Grandpa, tell me bout the good ole days”? Where is Dolly Parton’s Coat Of Many Colors?

By Jason Deere
In Case your Day Needs a Little Happy

BYU's Vocal Point recently released a cover of the Oscar-nominated song, 'Happy.'

By BYU Media Relations
Losing (and Finding) Ourselves in Service to Others

I have felt the joy that comes from giving service and it is very sweet and desirable. Many people who have helped us at critical times in our lives must surely have felt this joy also.

By Janice Kapp Perry
New Words to Old Songs: “Like a dash of Tabasco on scrambled eggs”

We often forget that many of our hymns were once beloved old melodies to which early members added new words. Why did we stop using well-known and well-loved tunes as the melodies for our deepest religious feelings?

By Janice Kapp Perry
A Tiny Christmas Miracle

I would like to reprise the first article I ever wrote for Meridian Magazine six years ago. It was a heartwarming little miracle that happened for us just before Christmas that year and definitely felt like a tender mercy for our family.

By Janice Kapp Perry
Best and Worst Christmas Music Ever

Let’s be honest- you either love Christmas music, or you don’t.

By Erin Ann McBride