Tuesday, September 02 2014


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A September to RememberBy Carolyn Allen

September days are here! Invite the joys of autumn with healthy living, happy poetry and simple, silly celebrations.

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The First 30 Minutes

How do missionaries jumpstart a successful day? And why should we do the same? Here are 5 good reasons to make it happen.

By Carolyn Allen
What Got Us Into This Mess?

For hundreds of years, sweetness has enticed us. But it's only recently that sweet taste--and with it, refined sugar and sugar substitutes, as well as genetically modified sugar beets and chemical sweeteners--have gained footage in the food dollar.

By Stan M. Gardner MD, CNS
Learning to Let it Go

As the summer begins to wane, let go and relax! Here are 10 things we have let go of that may help you end the summer with a smile and kick off a healthy school year. It just so happens that the easiest meals of the summer are the healthiest!

By Carolyn Allen
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: What About Dairy and Eggs?

Dairy and eggs are not specifically mentioned in the Word of Wisdom—neither are Twinkies or Junior Mints. I conclude that none of these are as important to our health as are plants.

By Jane Birch
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: Wheat for Man

Our day is the only time in history when so many people have the option of replacing grains with foods that the Lord did not ordain as the staff of life. This is the day when we most need this wisdom.

By Jane Birch
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: The Danger of Displacing Grain

In societies where people consume a largely whole food, plant-based diet founded on grains as the staff of life, they suffer from relatively few of the chronic illnesses that plague our society today.

By Jane Birch
Discovering the Word of Wisdom: All Grain Is Good

All grain is ordained for the use of man and of beasts, to be the staff of life. . . . All grain is good for the food of man.

By Jane Birch
Treasured Movies and 9 Sugar-Free Treats

Summer is the best time for uplifting entertainment along with something yummy to eat. Here are some of our personal favorites for creating summertime memories.

By Carolyn Allen
Sugar and Obesity—Is There a Relationship?

We have been told for years that if you eat fat, you will become fat. So, without our consent, the food industry has replaced the fat in foods with sugar.

By Stan M. Gardner MD, CNS