Tuesday, July 22 2014


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Creative Easter BasketsBy Dian Thomas

Using materials you may already have around the house, you can get creative with your easter baskets this year.

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Most Current Articles in Homemaking

Feeling overwhelmed? Just unload the dishwasher.

If the daily grind of a messy house is like a murky pool of water, then unloading the dishwasher is like pulling the plug.

By Margaret Anderson
Growing Your Own Live Easter Basket

One of my favorite Holiday ideas is to grow a live Easter basket. It only takes about a week and the whole family will enjoy the process.

By Dian Thomas
Decorate Inexpensively for Christmas in One Easy Lesson

You can make your home elegant without spending elegant prices.

By Joni Hilton
Hope for Craft-Impaired Sisters

In 42 years of Relief Society meetings I’ve only finished three craft projects, and I’ve thrown all three of those away. Is there any hope for me?

By Susan Elzey
Pilgrim and Indian Centerpieces

Creative idea for homemade Thanksgiving centerpieces that are great to work on with kids.

By Dian Thomas
Thanksgiving and Amazing History

As we enjoy the harvest time, we remember why our forerunners dedicated a whole day to gratitude.

By Dian Thomas
Quick and Fun Halloween Ideas

Paper plate skeleton, Ironing board ghost--here are some quick and fun Halloween ideas to do with kids.

By Dian Thomas
Special Christmas Gifts for Away from Home Family Members

For family and friends that will not be home for the holidays, it is time to send your special holiday greetings and presents. One of my favorite ideas is is to send a Christmas tree with the gifts wrapped and placed under the tree.

By Dian Thomas
To File It and Find It Again--Electronically

What a blessing My Study Notebook on LDS.org can be in facilitating the storing and sharing of edifying, inspirational material.

By Daryl Hoole