Friday, October 24 2014


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Don’t Get Buried in Debt When a Family Member DiesBy Darla Isackson

It is hard to lose a family member to death--and also hard to be sunk into debt by the experience.

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Most Current Articles in Money Wise

5 Ways to Know If You Are Telling the Truth When it Counts

The appearance of honesty is the antithesis thereof. Integrity abhors pretension.

By Devin D. Thorpe
The Blessings of the Temple are Not Free, Just Well Worth the Price

The rich spiritual blessings of the temple require temporal sacrifices, but the infinitely valuable blessings easily justify the finite price of admission.

By Devin D. Thorpe
How To Get Our Friend of Other Faiths To Do Our Missionary Work

Genuine service to our fellow children of God will enable our friends of other faiths to share our story more potently than we can.

By Devin D. Thorpe
When Does It Make Sense to Borrow Money And Invest At The Same Time?

It may seem to make no sense to borrow money for one purpose at the same time you are saving and investing for another, but sometimes that is exactly the right thing to do.

By Devin D. Thorpe
How to Avoid “The Love of Money”

Learning to manage money effectively without growing to love money is a central challenge for all Christians.

By Devin D. Thorpe
Ten Financial Tips for Large Families

Raising a large family is as big a challenge as it is a blessing; here are some financial tips to help you reach your goals.

By Devin D. Thorpe
Six Ways that LDS Financial Planning Differs

There are (at least) six key ways in which LDS financial planning differs from personal financial planning for our friends of other faiths.

By Devin D. Thorpe
Have, That You Might Give

The admonition to care for the poor and needy of the world is central to—not an appendix to—the gospel of Jesus Christ.

By Devin D. Thorpe
Stay the Course with Your Investments

A variety of temptations will arise during your saving and investing years that may cause you to stray off course; don’t fall into the trap.

By Devin D. Thorpe