Friday, August 29 2014


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You Can Help Your Children Succeed in SchoolBy Nicholeen Peck

Everyone wants to know: How do I help my children succeed at school?

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Problem Solving Practice While Camping

With an attitude problem Paije began to describe the mess she saw in the bathroom. Each time she told her older brother, Quin, to get in there and clean it, he refused. The communication was not effective, and the loving tone in the trailer was gone.

By Nicholeen Peck
Confessions of a “Too Busy” Mom

When I went into labor with Scott, my youngest, I spent my waiting time in the hospital proofreading galleys of the book my sister and I had written. I was always doing at least two things at once!

By Darla Isackson
Laughs and a Bowl of Granola

For the last year I’ve been jotting down funny things my twin boys (age 4) have said. Tapping them into my phone while we’re on the go. So here are a few truths out of the mouth of babes.

By Catherine Keddington Arveseth
New Cheerios Ad Says Goodbye to Bumbling Dads

After being inundated with marketing that portrayed things in terms of being so easy that even a DAD could do it, Cheerios has a new campaign that celebrates the capable dads of the world.

By Mariah Proctor
Why I chose to live a “double life”

For whatever reason, call it faith, naiveté, clinical psychosis, I decided after having a boy and a girl and a boy, to have another boy, another girl, then another boy all over again.

By Margaret Anderson
Connections Between Fathering and Mothering

"Fathers feel more competent and capable when mothers believe that men can be as good at parenting as women can."

By Sean Brotherson
What Children Want!

In a time when people want to empower children, it is common for them to think that they have to turn the upbringing of the children over to the children in order to empower them to choose right choices or to become successful.

By Nicholeen Peck
Father's Day Every Day

Father's are essential to the upbringing of emotionally healthy children. The absence of a father in the home can be damaging to a child's self-esteem, stress load, anxiety, sense of well-being, and familial as well as social relationships.

By Nicholeen Peck