Wednesday, April 16 2014


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Earthquake: Coming to a Neighborhood Near YouBy Carolyn Nicolaysen

Over the past five years we have scene mega earthquakes on all parts of the ring of fire except the United States. Are you and your family prepared and educated if one strikes your home?

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Most Current Articles in Preparedness

Warning Our Neighbors: Survivors Share Their Stories

There are so many aspects to emergency preparedness that we sometimes give up, get bogged down or believe we have it covered. Nothing is more helpful and reassuring than learning from the experiences of those who have already been there.

By Carolyn Nicolaysen
Tips to Help You Stick to Your Budget

With the drought in California, crop losses in Florida and the Midwest and crop losses in South America there is no doubt food prices are going to go up and maybe in a big way. Can your budget afford another hit?

By Carolyn Nicolaysen
Gardening: Are You Serious?!

It is wise counsel indeed that recommends every family have a garden and grow their own food.

By James B. (Jim) Kennard
Saving Water, Time for New Habits

The drought has not ended. Please continue to pray for rain, especially in California.

By Carolyn Nicolaysen
How Does the California Drought Affect You?

Please join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in California as we fast and pray on February 2nd for rain and snow in California.

By Carolyn Nicolaysen
Prepared with Wheat, Beans & Rice: So What Are You Going to Eat?!

As we try and stay warm during this cold winter season probably very few of us are thinking of gardens or growing our own food – but maybe we should be!

By James B. (Jim) Kennard
When the Lights Go Out: Two Tales of Preparedness

I don’t have a generator. We stumbled around in the dark finding flashlights with dead batteries.

By Dennis Weaver
Emergency Prep article: When the Real Work Begins

As the weather is taking on a mind of it's own, do we know how to fully take care of ourselves?

By Carolyn Nicolaysen