Thursday, August 21 2014


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Culture News Articles for Thursday, August 21 2014
Culture News
Peanut, almond butter recall for possible salmonella hits Whole Foods, Kroger, and others

A peanut butter and almond butter recall from a major supplier has affected 45 lots of almond and peanut butter that may be contaminated with salmonella.

The simple pleasure of a summer salad

A refreshing summer lunch is just minutes away. Rip up some lettuce, chop a few veggies, and top with quality cheese and oil and vinegar, no recipe or instructions are needed for this garden salad.

Visa wants to make it even harder for thieves to buy gas with your credit card

Gas stations are among the easiest places for crooks to use stolen credit cards. Pumps are usually unattended, so all the thieves have to do is swipe your plastic to fill up their tanks. Now Visa is rolling out software to detect whether it's you or someone pretending to be you filling up on fuel.