Friday, August 29 2014


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First Line News Articles for Friday, August 29 2014
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Russia advances into Ukraine, West wonders what to do now

Instead of pulling back from the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russia appears to be escalating its involvement. More sanctions seem unlikely to bend Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Iran begins arming Palestinian terrorists

Iranian military leaders say that they have begun weapons deliveries to Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank and elsewhere in the region after months of promising increased military support for Israel’s enemies, according to regional reports.

Faith Lecture Honors Alexander Schreiner's Legacy of Music

When iconic Salt Lake Tabernacle organist Alexander Schreiner played his final broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on December 4, 1977, his heart was full. He expressed his feelings in writing: “My blessings have been many: The huge dome of the Tabernacle above me, the gorgeous organ kept in perfect condition, the nearly 400 singers and staff which have poured love on me through the years have been marvelous, to say the least.”

3 Mormon Moms Create Multi-Million Dollar Company

3 Mormon moms, all sisters, looking to make some extra cash created multi-million dollar company. Lyndsey Ekstrom, Christy Hepworth, and Keri Evans all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with a combined 11 children were looking for ideas to earn some extra spending money when they stumbled upon an untapped market.

Injured BYU Student Miraculously Recovered, Now Going on Mission

For someone who had a less than 5% chance of survival only six months ago, Lexi Hansen is surprisingly healthy and understandbly thrilled about serving a mission.

'True compassion': Members of the LDS Developmental Center Ward serve those who serve them

The LDS meetinghouse across the street from the Mt. Timpanogos Utah Temple looks like any other. But in so many other ways, the ward that meets there is unlike any other.

8 Ways the Book of Mormon Will Change Your Life

Questions that have puzzled us will be answered through this 531 page book. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where will I go after I die? Why does God allow suffering to happen? These and countless others will be answered when you prayerfully read and study The Book of Mormon and Bible with a humble heart.

Census figures show more than one-third of Americans receiving welfare benefits

Fifty years after the “war on poverty” was first waged, there are signs a new offensive is needed. Newly released Census data reveals nearly 110 million Americans – more than one-third of the country – are receiving government assistance of some kind.

Pilot in F-15 crash in Virginia was killed, officials say

The pilot of an F-15 jet that crashed in remote western Virginia mountains was killed, military officials in Massachusetts confirmed Thursday.

Applications for US unemployment benefits dip to 298K, remain near pre-recession lows

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits slipped 1,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 298,000, a low level that signals employers are cutting few jobs and hiring is likely to remain strong.

Another plane diverts over reclining seat dispute

For the second time this week, a U.S. passenger jet has made an unscheduled landing after a dispute over reclining a seat.

Southern California sees more big breakers but surf begins to moderate

High surf generated by a former hurricane in the eastern Pacific rolled onto Southern California beaches again Thursday, showing signs of diminishing but still bringing warnings of possible property damage and dangerous rip currents.

Obama confesses: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’ for Islamic State

President Obama acknowledged Thursday he doesn’t have a plan for defeating Islamist militants in Syria and backed away from imminent military action, while he also downplayed reports of a new Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Egypt's Morsi accused of leaking secrets to Qatar

Egypt's ousted and jailed Islamist President Mohammed Morsi refused to answer a prosecutor's questions about allegations that he leaked classified documents — some related to the army's budget— to Qatar via the Doha-based Al-Jazeera broadcaster, Egypt's official news agency reported Thursday.

U.N. Says 43 Peacekeepers Detained by Armed Group in Golan Heights

The United Nations said Thursday that 43 UN peacekeepers are being detained by “an armed group” at the border between Syria and Israel where Islamist militants are clashing with the Syrian military. Another 81 UN peacekeepers in the area of separation were trapped at their positions, the UN said.

Fighting in Syria spawns separate civil war in global jihadist movement

Syria’s bloody civil war has spawned a separate rift with ramifications well beyond the region known as the Levant -- a battle for the very soul of the global jihad movement.

Rescuers seek survivors of China landslide

Hundreds of rescuers hunted Friday for survivors of a massive landslide in southwestern China that killed at least 14 people.

James Foley 'was waterboarded by Islamic State'

American journalist James Foley, and at least four hostages held in Syria by Islamic State militants were waterboarded during their captivity, according to reports.

China says it will respond to more frequent US spy flights

China says US spy flights are coming more often, and closer to China's coast. China officials rejected US characterizations of its fighter jets acting recklessly.

Ukraine conflict: Big questions explained

The conflict in eastern Ukraine has intensified, with the Kiev government and its Western allies accusing Russia of sending in troops and armour to help the rebels.

Brazil dismantles large deforestation gang

The federal prosecutor's office in the jungle state of Para said eight suspected members were taken into custody on Wednesday and could be charged with invading public lands, environmental crimes, forgery, criminal association and money laundering. They face more than 50 years in jail, although Brazilian law stipulates that no one can serve more than 30 years.

iWatch Arrives? Apple Hits All-Time High After Cryptic Event Reveal

The Cupertino computing behemoth sent out invitations today to journalists for an event on September 9, with only the cryptic tagline: “Wish we could say more.” Of course, indications are Apple will be releasing multiple major products at the event next month.

Google Is Testing Delivery Drone System

The latest endeavor to emerge from Google Inc. GOOGL -0.46% 's advanced-research lab is flying into a field buzzing with competitors. Google X said Thursday it is developing a system of drones to deliver goods. Rival Inc. AMZN -0.92% is also testing delivery drones, and Domino's Pizza Inc. DPZ +0.13% tested delivering pies via drone in 2013.

Dead stars 'can re-ignite' and explode

Astronomers have shown that dead stars known as white dwarfs can re-ignite and explode as supernovas.

DNA reveals history of vanished 'Paleo-Eskimos'

DNA sequences from living and ancient inhabitants show a single influx from Siberia produced all the "Paleo-Eskimo" cultures, which died out 700 years ago.

Testing on Experimental Ebola Vaccine to Begin in U.S.

The National Institutes of Health said Thursday it will begin testing an experimental Ebola vaccine in humans next week, accelerating research as an epidemic caused by the deadly virus continues to ravage West Africa.

West Africa Ebola outbreak could infect 20,000 people, WHO says

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa could infect over 20,000 people and spread to more countries, the U.N. health agency said on Thursday, warning that an international effort costing almost half a billion dollars is needed to overcome the outbreak.

Britain poorer than all US states except Mississippi

According to one calculation, the United Kingdom would be the second-poorest US state. More than that, Americans are richer at almost every income level. The US just has more money.

Wall Street loses ground as Ukraine crisis deepens

US stocks edged lower on Thursday after the latest tension between Ukraine and Russia snapped the focus of investors back to the volatile region, but US economic data helped curb losses.

Malaysia Airlines Reports Wider Loss

The parent of Malaysia Airlines reported a wider net loss in the second quarter as revenue was hurt by the disappearance of Flight 370 in March.

California drivers brace for costly new gas tax

Californians already pay the nation's second highest gas tax at 68 cents a gallon -- and now it will go up again in January to pay for a first-in-the-nation climate change law.