Thursday, April 17 2014


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First Line News Articles for Thursday, April 17 2014
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Hundreds feared drowned in ferry disaster

New hope may have surfaced Wednesday for the fate of 300 missing passengers trapped aboard a sunken ferry that divers spent hours searching.

For Obama, Standoff With Moscow Jumbles Plans at Home and Abroad

The Ukraine crisis and Russia's newly combative stance have scrambled the world map around which Barack Obama shaped his foreign-policy doctrine and stand to alter the arc of his presidency.

Nato sends support to eastern Europe over Ukraine crisis

Nato said today it would send more ships, planes and troops to eastern Europe to reassure allies worried by Russia’s annexation of Crimea but shied away from new permanent bases in the east as Poland wanted.

How TV is changing perceptions of mental disorders

Jessica Lane began worrying something was wrong with her as a high school student.

The Book of Mormon claims No. 1 spot on list of life-changing books

The Book of Mormon climbed to the top of a list of life-changing books from this week, thanks to user votes and social media interaction.

Atheists, Mormon scholars talk religion

Two groups came together Wednesday night to create understanding between groups commonly seen at odds.

Strength of religious freedom must be built in US courts, LDS leader says

Elder Dallin H. Oaks, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, will give the keynote address at Utah Valley University's Spring Constitutional Symposium on Religious Freedom.

LDS convert and influential friend reunite after 55 years

Having been born into a family void of religious instruction, I didn't know the love of my Father in heaven and his keen awareness of me as a young man. This knowledge came as a result of joining the Army as an 18-year-old fresh out of high school.

Obamacare effects are bigger than expected, poll finds

President Obama's health law has led to an even greater increase in health coverage than previously estimated, according to new Gallup survey data, which suggests that about 12 million previously uninsured Americans have gained coverage since last fall.

Report: Sebelius said to be mulling Senate bid

The New York Times is reporting that Sebelius, who tendered her resignation last week as Health and Human Services secretary, is “considering entreaties from Democrats” to run against GOP Sen. Pat Roberts back home in Kansas.

Florida school may target parents with new twist on school dress codes

Dress codes have been making a stir nationally, with much of the attention focused on female students and the fashion craze of yoga pants or leggings, but now a school board member in Florida wants to tackle the root of the problem, going after parents dropping kids off and picking them up in the clothing that the kids themselves would not be allowed to wear to school.

Sub makes its first complete scan for MH370

A robotic submarine has completed its first full 16-hour mission scanning the floor of the Indian Ocean to look for for wreckage of lost Flight 370, authorities said on Thursday.

Why high oil prices are actually good for airlines

Airline executives frequently complain about fuel costs. But the truth is higher prices actually have been good for business.

Experts say video doesn't show Earhart wreckage

Experts retained by an aircraft preservation group say underwater video shot in the South Pacific yields no evidence of the wreckage of the missing plane piloted by aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.

Comic Con FanX welcomes guests from many demographics

From “The Walking Dead” stars Chandler Riggs and Jon Bernthal to the Monkees’ Mickey Dolenz to the Power Rangers and the recently announced appearance of the 1966 Batmobile, the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience will attempt to appeal to fans from many demographics.

Jaws, the prequel: Scientists find the 'Model T Ford' of sharks

You've heard of the Model T Ford, the famed early 20th-century automobile that was the forerunner of the modern car. But how about the Model T shark?

Blood moon: What has Christian apocalypse got to do with lunar eclipse?

A total lunar eclipse on April 15 was the first off four such events that will occur before the end of 2015. This tetrad series of eclipses is being heralded by some religious leaders as a sign of great changes coming, with a few calling the events a sign of the end times.

Air Pollution in Asia Creates Bigger Storms in the U.S.

Researchers from four institutions in three western states have concluded Asian air pollution is impacting weather patterns over the Pacific ocean and United States.

Trait by trait, plant scientists swiftly weed out bad seeds through marker-assisted breeding

Alan Krivanek, a tomato breeder for Monsanto, dons a white protective suit, wipes his feet on a mat of disinfectant and enters a greenhouse to survey 80,000 seedlings. He is armed with a spreadsheet that will tell him which ones are likely to resist a slew of diseases. The rest he will discard.

Heart Attacks and Strokes Linked to Diabetes Are Declining

In the midst of the diabetes epidemic, a glimmer of good news: Heart attacks, strokes and other complications from the disease are plummeting.

Hunger is a 'silent crisis' in the USA

Tianna Gaines Turner can't remember the last time she went to bed without worrying about how she was going to feed her three children.