October 8, 2015

First Line News Articles for Thursday, October 8 2015

Top Stories

Senate Democrats Unveil Gun Control Legislation

Senate Democrats will begin a push Thursday for new gun control legislation in the wake of last week’s deadly Oregon shooting with a threat to block other measures until it is brought to the floor.

NATO Leaves Door Open for Troops to Remain in Afghanistan

NATO is leaving the door open for a larger security force in Afghanistan than initially planned after 2016.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Abruptly Drops Out of House Speaker Race

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy took his name out of the running for House Speaker today in a stunning move that came as a surprise to many in the GOP.

Russian Missiles Aimed at Syria Crashed in Iran, U.S. Officials Say

Cruise missiles fired by Russia from warships in the Caspian Sea at targets in Syria crashed in a rural area of Iran, senior United States officials said on Thursday.

LDS News

Wright Words: BYU QB Taysom Hill talks about his LDS mission, trials and future in football

One month into rehab for his injured left foot suffered in BYU’s opening game against Nebraska, quarterback Taysom Hill is ready to talk about the injury, his faith and what lies ahead.

David Archuleta surprises BYU students at Homecoming opening ceremonies

BYU staged an “American Idol” competition at it’s Homecoming opening ceremonies on Tuesday morning. Advancement Vice President Matthew Richardson, posing as show host Ryan Seacrest, searched the audience for the next BYU Idol after fake contestants Tori Pence from Divine Comedy and Vocal Point weren’t deemed BYU Idol material.

Woman memorialized in Temple Square statue recalls father’s story

Standing on Temple Square for the last several decades is a large bronze statue of a man and a woman pulling two children in a handcart.

Child Draws Angels Near President Monson During Conference

Wile the news of three apostles being sustained during General Conference seemed to be the big news, two other visitors have been garnering a great deal of attention recently on social media.

A year later: Humanitarian Bishnu Adhikari says he’s been amazed at response to ‘Meet the Mormons’

One year has passed since Nepalese engineer and humanitarian Bishnu Adhikari was one of six LDS Church members featured in the film “Meet the Mormons.”

Leading Jordanian Muslim and Christian leaders praise Utah, BYU, LDS Church while spreading message of interfaith peace

They attended a session of the Mormon general conference and a Catholic Mass in Salt Lake City and visited a Muslim mosque in West Valley City, then delivered their message of interfaith unity at an international religious liberty conference at BYU.


Obama campaigns for his legacy as Republicans’ attacks hit a nerve

President Obama is making a point of ignoring the Republican presidential debates, but the candidates’ campaign rhetoric is obviously hitting a presidential nerve or two.

EPA blocking legal challenges to power-plant regulations, 14 states charge

The Environmental Protection Agency is dragging its feet and holding up court challenges to new carbon regulations, 14 states charged Wednesday as the legal battle over President Obama’s climate-change agenda heats up across the country.

With Veto Threat, Oil Export Effort Runs Out of Gas

The White House, seeking to move to a ‘low-carbon economy’ and ward off global warming, is no fan of legislation ending the export ban.

South Carolina residents return home as the state takes stock of its losses

As floodwaters recede across South Carolina, residents are returning home to the reality of all the “1,000 year” storm washed away.

Massachusetts man blamed for string of bomb threats in four states

A Massachusetts man was charged in federal court for sending four different bomb threats to four schools within the past year.

U.S. to sail warships near disputed South China Sea islands-FT

The United States is expected to sail warships close to China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea within the next two weeks to signal it does not recognize Chinese territorial claims over the area, the Financial Times reported, citing a senior U.S. official.

FBI digs up more than $500,000 in back yard of armored truck driver-turned-thief

Authorities found more than $500,000 after digging up the California back yard of an armored truck driver who was previously convicted for his role in a $1 million heist.

Clinton opposes Pacific trade deal in major break with Obama

The presidential candidate said the agreement does not meet her standard for creating jobs, raising wages, and protecting national security.

Judge says Georgia’s gay marriage ban can’t be enforced

A federal judge in Georgia has ruled that the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage cannot be enforced.


The Pentagon Says That North Korea Is Capable of a Nuclear Strike on the U.S.

Officials in Washington are of the opinion that North Korea’s nuclear arsenal holds missiles that could reach the mainland U.S.A. — but stress that it is a threat that the Pentagon is adequately prepared to face, according to one senior military official quoted by Reuters.

NATO warns of ‘troubling’ Russian escalation in Syria

NATO’s secretary general warned Thursday of a “troubling escalation” in Russian military activities in Syria, saying the alliance stands firmly behind member Turkey even as Moscow broadens its air and sea attacks.

Indonesia Asks for Foreign Help to Extinguish Forest Fires

Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said Thursday the government has asked other countries for help in extinguishing forest fires that have caused widespread haze in Southeast Asia.

Migrant crisis: EU considers faster deportations

Plans to speed up the deportation of failed asylum seekers are being discussed at a meeting of EU ministers in Luxembourg.

Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed intensifies amid calls for peace

At least six people were hurt in a string of stabbings Thursday, one of which involved a man with a screwdriver, police say.

Bank of England Leaves Key Interest Rate Unchanged

The Bank of England kept its benchmark interest rate steady Thursday, amid signs of a slowdown both at home and overseas.


Holiday Sales Seen Rising 3.7 Percent

Americans are expected to spend at a slower pace than last year during the crucial winter holidays, weighed down by sluggish wage growth and other factors, according to the nation’s largest retail industry trade group.

Experts blast VW’s explanation for diesel emissions cheating

A top Volkswagen executive on Thursday blamed a handful of rogue software engineers for the company’s emissions cheating scandal and told outraged lawmakers that it would take years to fix all of the nearly 500,000 vehicles affected in the U.S.

Netflix Raises Price of Most Popular Plan by $1 per Month

Netflix Inc., the world’s dominant paid online video service, is raising the price of its most popular streaming subscription by $1 a month to $9.99 for new customers in the U.S., Canada and parts of Latin America following a similar move in Europe this year.


U.S. court returns ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’ to composer’s heirs

“Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town,” one of the December holiday season’s most widely recognized tunes, is comin’ back to the family of a man who helped write it.


NOAA: Coral bleaching has gone global for the third time ever

Coral bleaching brought on by record ocean temperatures is hitting reefs around the world, prompting NOAA scientists to issue the third ever global bleaching event.


Snoring, apnea linked to diabetes risk in older adults

Seniors with nighttime breathing issues like snoring or sleep apnea often have high blood sugar and may be almost twice as likely as sound sleepers to develop type 2 diabetes, according to a recent study.

Test predicts teen risk factor for cardiovascular disease

A new test can predict teenagers’ risk for developing cardiovascular disease based on an assessment for metabolic syndrome, according to a new study.


Average US Rate on 30-Year Mortgages Falls to 3.76 Percent

Average long-term U.S. mortgage rates fell sharply this week amid concern over a labor market that has shown recent signs of weakness.

Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall to Lowest Level Since Mid-July

Filings for unemployment benefits in the U.S. declined last week to the lowest level since mid-July, extending a run of applications near decade lows that shows dismissals remain in check.

Vacant ‘Zombie’ Foreclosures Down 43 Percent in Q3 2015 Compared to a Year Ago

RealtyTrac® (www.realtytrac.com), the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, today released its Q3 2015 U.S. Zombie Foreclosure and Vacant Property Report, which shows 20,050 U.S. residential properties in the foreclosure process — but not yet repossessed by the foreclosing lender — were vacant “zombie” homes as of the end of the third quarter of 2015, down 27 percent from the previous quarter and down 43 percent from a year ago.

Minutes Show Fed Leaders Delayed Rate Hike Over Global Risks

Federal Reserve officials put off an interest-rate increase in September because of growing risks to their outlook for economic growth and inflation, mainly from China, even as they continued to say they were on track to raise the target later this year.