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June 24, 2017

First Line News Articles for Saturday, June 24 2017

Top Stories

Former CIA officer accused of selling top secret information to China

A former CIA officer sold top secret and other classified documents to Chinese intelligence officials, according to charges filed Thursday in Alexandria federal court.

Court clears Mississippi LGBT objections law; appeal likely

A federal appeals court said Thursday that Mississippi can start enforcing a law that allows merchants and government employees cite religious beliefs to deny services to same-sex couples, but opponents of the law immediately pledged to appeal.

Senate health care bill softens edges of House plan, with tax subsidies and Medicaid expansion

Republican leaders faced an immediate backlash Thursday after revealing their Obamacare replacement bill, leaving campaign vows to repeal the 2010 health care law in doubt as the Senate pushes toward a showdown on the chamber floor next week.

U.S. top court sets higher bar for stripping citizenship

The Supreme Court handed a setback to the Trump administration on Thursday by making it harder for the government to strip immigrants of U.S. citizenship in a case involving an ethnic Serb woman who lied about her husband’s military service after Yugoslavia’s collapse.

LDS News

LDS girl gets standing ovation from all 4 judges, advances on ‘America’s Got Talent’

A 13-year-old LDS girl from Florence, Arizona, caught the attention of Simon Cowell and captured hearts throughout the United States on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday night.

FamilySearch Center dedicated in St. George, Utah

Located just two blocks south of the 140-year-old St. George Utah Temple, the Church’s newest family history facility was dedicated June 21, the day before being unveiled to the public in a three-day open house.

Pioneers among us: Church group begins three-day trek on foot

With a light rain drizzling down on their 19th-century attire, several groups of teenagers grasped onto ropes as they slowly guided large handcarts down a grassy hill.

Deseret Alphabet created by Mormon Pioneers is over 150 years old

A phonetic system created more than 150 years ago to simplify English words, the Deseret Alphabet is alive and well, reported Atlas Obscura

Latter-day Saints in Maryland Bring Relief to Refugees

A recent refugee explained the real-life drama of immigrating to the United States at an event in Maryland focused on helping refugees.

Carrying forward on Father’s Day after a devastating loss

Three little redheaded superheroes climbed on their dad. They tussled over which one got to wear the Hulk Hands. When their turns came, they put on the oversized green gloves to punch and knock over a pile of cardboard boxes.


Student detained in N Korea is mourned at hometown funeral

Celebrating the life of an American college student who was detained in North Korea for over a year and died shortly after returning home in a coma, a packed crowd of mourners gathered Thursday as Otto Warmbier’s loved ones shared stories about his affinity for hugs, thrift-store clothes-shopping and little-known rap music.

House Democrats call for Pelosi to step down as minority leader

Many Democrats are calling for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step down from her leadership role after a bruising — and expensive — House race loss in Georgia’s 6th District.

California AG seeks to reinstate criminal charges against pro-life activists over secret tapes

California’s attorney general is vowing to have the felony criminal charges reinstated that he filed against two pro-life activists who secretly videotaped Planned Parenthood officials discussing what they charge for body parts of aborted babies.

Cindy weakens into tropical depression after making landfall in Louisiana

Cindy weakened to a tropical depression Thursday but still brought heavy rain, powerful winds and the threat of floods to the already soaked US Gulf Coast.

Trump administration removes protections for Yellowstone grizzly bears

The Trump administration is removing Endangered Species Act protections for Yellowstone grizzly bears, after they spent more than four decades on the threatened list.

Car crashes leap in states with legalized marijuana: Study

Insurance claims for car crashes have jumped since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado, Washington and Oregon, spurring concerns about traffic safety as more drivers take to the roads under the influence.

1.4 million illegals working under stolen Social Security numbers: Audit

Most illegal immigrants who pay taxes have stolen someone else’s legal identity, and the IRS doesn’t do a very good job of letting those American citizens and illegal immigrants know they’re being impersonated, the tax agency’s inspector general said in a new report released Thursday.

Arkansas bar to decide on potential discipline against Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton escaped criminal charges last year, but her legal troubles may not be over — the Arkansas state bar has promised a decision by next month on disciplinary action.

Michigan airport stabbing probed as “lone wolf” terrorist attack, FBI says

A Canadian man from Tunisia accused of shouting “Allahu akbar” before stabbing a Michigan airport police officer remains in custody after appearing in federal court.

Trump talks about building a solar southern wall

Since President Trump first promised to build a wall on the southern border, one of several sticking points has been who would foot the bill. But on Wednesday, the president said he may have found a way to lower the cost: solar panels.


EU flexes military muscles with new defense plan

European Union leaders launched their the most ambitious defense plan for decades on Thursday, agreeing a multi-billion-euro weapons fund, shared financing for battlegroups and allowing a coalition of the willing to conduct more missions abroad.

After London Fire, 11 More High-Rises Found With Combustible Material

At least 11 buildings in Britain are clad in combustible material of a kind similar to the cladding that was used on the exterior of Grenfell Tower, the apartment building destroyed in London’s deadliest fire in decades, officials said on Thursday, as they scrambled to conduct safety checks on at least 600 other high-rise buildings.

Anger in Mosul as Islamic State destroys historic mosque

The leaning al-Hadba minaret that towered over Mosul for 850 years lay in ruins on Thursday, demolished by retreating Islamic State militants, but Iraq’s prime minister said the act marked their final defeat in the city.


Big banks make it through stress tests, investors await cash release

U.S. banks made it through the latest round of stress testing relatively unscathed, setting investors up for news next week of payouts from the industry’s biggest names.

Buffett’s Company Lends $1.5B to Home Capital, Invests $300M

Warren Buffett’s company is lending $1.5 billion to Home Capital and spending roughly $300 million to purchase nearly 40 percent of the troubled Canadian lender’s shares.

Walmart? Amazon may find rival bidders for Whole Foods

Amazon may have made an offer to buy Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion, but that doesn’t close the door to other potential suitors — including, perhaps, Walmart.

Sears Canada files for bankruptcy

Sears Canada filed for bankruptcy early Thursday, making it the latest casualty of the crisis among traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. It’s also another sign of trouble for the iconic retailer.


Goodbye, Planet Nine! New And Better Data Disfavors A Giant World Beyond Neptune

It was perhaps the most exciting idea to come out of science last year: that an undiscovered, giant world exists in our Solar System

Ancient Egyptian’s wooden toe is sophisticated prosthetic

A wooden big toe that enabled a priest’s daughter to walk around 3,000 years ago has been found to be even more complex than researchers believed. It is thought to be one of the oldest prosthetic devices ever found.