March 2, 2015

First Line News Articles for Monday, March 2 2015

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Israeli Leader Arrives in U.S. for ‘Historic’ Mission

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington, D.C., on Sunday for a controversial visit that the leader described as “a fateful, even historic mission.”

Congress OKs stopgap DHS funding bill, lawmakers remain at impasse in immigration fight

After a dramatic and chaotic day of votes, Congress late Friday approved a stopgap bill to keep money flowing to the Homeland Security Department past a midnight deadline and avert a partial agency shutdown — though Congress is no closer to a long-term deal.

Major Supreme Court challenge threatens to gut Obamacare

The question is whether the IRS usurped congressional power when it enacted a regulation authorizing distribution of billions of dollars in tax credits through health care exchanges set up by the federal government.

Ukraine troops bitterly question their leaders as Kiev pulls back in east

Today’s withdrawal of heavy weapons in accordance with the Minsk cease-fire marks a major reversal for Kiev. For many soldiers, cynicism about commanders is weighing heavily.

LDS News

Elder Holland calls on Christians to unite to counter trends harming faith, family and religious freedom

Speaking at the 10th anniversary of the Fish Interfaith Center at Chapman University, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the LDS Church’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said Christian faiths can unite powerfully to address the ills of society.

Excommunicated Mormon Loses Her Final Appeal

The co-founder of a Mormon women’s group who was excommunicated last year has lost her final appeal to regain membership in the Utah-based church.

Former Disney ambassador creates LDS YouTube channel

In an effort to clear up misconceptions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, former Disney ambassador Jolie Hales started her YouTube channel “What Mormons Believe.”

LDS Church dedicates Deseret Mill and Pasta Plant in Kaysville

The Church’s massive Deseret Mill and Pasta Plant is dedicated by a member of the Presiding Bishopric.

Book recounts LDS Church history using Legos

“The Brick of Mormon Church History,” by Steven J. VanWagenen, highlights events from 1805 to 1847 using Legos. The charm of the book is the color photos of Legos showing beloved scenes from LDS Church history.

Jewish woman launches modest online marketplace for Mormons, others

Nava Brief-Fried is passionate about fashion and design, but most of all, she’s passionate about helping women find modest clothing. That’s why she created a modest marketplace for women around the world.


Kerry Tries to Dampen Fuss Over Israeli PM’s Speech

Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday tried to calm tensions with Israel before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s congressional address

DHS funding fight gives voice to Republicans’ growing pragmatist fringe

A bloc of Republican pragmatists, bolstered by November’s elections, is frustrated by how its party has handled the DHS funding fight. The question is whether the group can begin to exert any influence.

Can Scott Walker ride union-busting to the White House?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker made a big impression at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and he’s leading among Republicans in several polls. His fight with unions, he says, makes him like Ronald Reagan.

Rand Paul wins 2015 CPAC straw poll

Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul won the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll for potential GOP White House candidates for the third consecutive year.

Storms hit Southwest, Midwest, as up to 7 inches of snow expected for New England

A snowstorm sweeping the Midwest is poised to dump between 4 and 7 inches of snow on Boston, which has seen 100-plus inches this winter in record snowfalls.

Reports of possible deal on DHS funding reignites chatter about Boehner ouster

Multiple reports that House Speaker John Boehner has cut a deal to pass a long-term funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security without ties to rolling back President Obama’s executive action on immigration has reignited rumblings about a Boehner coup.

US moves to deport 150 Bosnians over war crimes

US officials want to deport 150 Bosnian immigrants who they believe to be involved in war crimes during the 1992-95 war

Wisconsin’s Walker admits flip on immigration

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a leading Republican contender ahead of the next presidential election, told Fox News Sunday that he no longer supports a policy of “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

US, Cuba relationship clears hurdles

After diplomatic discussions this week in Washington, both US and Cuban leaders spoke positively about fulfilling the promise made by Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro to restore embassies in each other’s capitals.

Trial on al Qaeda Terror Plots Soon to Wrap Up in New York

Closing arguments are slated to begin Monday in New York in the federal-court trial of a Pakistan-born man accused of participating in al Qaeda terror plots to bomb targets in England, Denmark and New York City.


Israeli official sees U.S. Congress as ‘last brake’ to stop Iran deal

The U.S. Congress could be “the last brake” for stopping a nuclear deal with Iran, a senior Israeli official said on Sunday as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the United States for a speech this week that has strained U.S.-Israeli relations.

Estonia’s pro-NATO PM says his party wins election

Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas claimed victory for his pro-NATO centre-right Reform Party in Sunday’s election after voting overshadowed by worries about relations to neighbouring Russia.

Kim Jong Un reportedly tells North Korean army to ‘prepare for war’ with US

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly told the army to prepare for war with the United States and its allies, state media reported Saturday, according to AFP.

North Korea fires 2 short-range missiles, official says

North Korea fired two short-range missiles into the sea off its east coast on Monday, South Korea’s military said, in a likely show of anger at the start of annual U.S.-South Korean military drills that Pyongyang says are preparation for a northward invasion.

‘Jihadi John’s’ emails revealed

It’s a controversial question that’s sparked debate since officials revealed the identity of the masked man known as Jihadi John.

Iraqi premier gives ultimatum ahead of hinted attack on ISIS-controlled Tikrit

Iraq’s prime minister called on Sunni tribal fighters to abandon the Islamic State group Sunday, ahead of a promised offensive to retake Saddam Hussein’s hometown from the extremists.

Islamic State frees 19 of 220 abducted Assyrian Christians

Nineteen of an estimated 220 members of an Assyrian Christian community kidnapped by Islamic State (IS) in north-eastern Syria have been released, activists say.

Egypt parliamentary poll looks set for delay after court ruling

Egypt’s parliamentary poll looks set to be delayed after a court ruled that part of an election law was unconstitutional and the main election committee said it was working on a new timetable for the long-awaited vote.

Syrian fighter group that got U.S. missiles dissolves after major defeat

Syrian fighter group that got U.S. missiles dissolves after major defeat


McDonald’s: This dividend aristocrat is in trouble

So-called “dividend aristocrats” hold a special place in the hearts (and portfolios) of income investors. These companies represent an elite group — comprising about 10% of the S&P 500 — that have increased their dividends every year for at least 25 years.


Protein Blood Markers Reveal Signs Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is not just about being tired a lot. It’s the result of extreme exhaustion that doesn’t go away over a six month period and interfere with regular daily activities.


ECB braces for QE as others shift rates

Greek funding and quantitative easing in Europe, an expected rate cut in Australia and the buoyant U.S. labour market are set to be the focus of an economic week dominated by a host of central bank meetings.

Here come the jobs, finally

Even the long-term unemployed are starting to find work. But how strong is the jobs recovery, really?