Monday, July 28 2014


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Health News Articles for Monday, July 28 2014
Health News
Google aims to build the 'perfect' human with Baseline Study

Google may have history's greatest vehicle for exploring the web, but its latest project is much, much more ambitious: it wants to explore the human body. And we mean fully explore it.

Armed with hope

A few UCF students have helped a 6-year-old boy become a real-life “Transformer” with the construction of a prosthetic arm.

Incredible India: 232 teeth removed from jaw of Indian teen

Most people don't have an appreciation for losing teeth. In this case though, that's what saved an Indian boy.

Virus Found in Gut Believed to Exist in Over 50 Percent of World Population

Scientists at San Diego State University have found a virus in the gut that is believed to exist in over 50 percent of the world’s population, and could play a major role in the beginning of conditions such as diabetes and obesity. The virus was discovered after the researchers studied samples from previous research reports on gut dwelling viruses.

Babies in the Womb are Capable of Learning at 34 Weeks' Gestation

Previous studies have shown that children begin learning right after they are born. Now, a recent study published in the journal Infant Behavior and Development found that they may begin processing and understanding information much sooner.