Monday, October 20 2014


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Latter-day Saints Articles for Monday, October 20 2014
Latter-day Saints
LDS Church releases video, topic page discussing temple garments

In a video, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seeks to take some of the mystery out of temple garments and temple robes, explaining the clothing's role as sacred religious vestments similar to a nun's habit, the Jewish prayer shawl, the Muslim's skullcap, and the saffron robes of the Buddhist monk.

Mormon Media scholars discuss church and media intersection

Mormon Media scholars held their third annual Mormon Media Studies Symposium Friday, discussing topics ranging from popular culture to historic and modern LDS Church portrayals in the media.

'Become the message': Elder Perry speaks at banquet for the New York LDS Professionals Association

Members should not depend on social media alone to spread the gospel message, said Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.“Our goal as people is to become the message that we are spreading,”

'Meet the Mormons' is launched at 300 theaters

“Meet the Mormons,” the Church’s first venture into showing a motion picture in commercial theaters, premiered Oct. 7, at a theater in Sandy, Utah, and was released Oct. 10 at some 300 theaters in 45 states.

An LDS missionary and a Marine: Twin brothers have surprise meeting in Atlanta airport

Del and Don Gull have been there for each other through it all. But when Del joined the military and Don decided to serve an LDS mission, the brothers had to find a different way to support each other.

Jenna Kim Jones: The new, cool face of Mormonism

Flashback nine years ago: Jenna Kim Jones, 18 years old, fresh out of Timpview High School in Provo, Utah, is standing in a New York University dorm room in the heart of Greenwich Village with a crowd of newly arriving freshman girls when one of them, the extrovert, the one who’d play Rizzo in “Grease,” announces, “You guys, I just learned there’s a Mormon girl in this building!”

Indianapolis Indiana Temple

A new addition to the under-construction Indianapolis Indiana Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is in place.