Monday, September 01 2014


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National News Articles for Monday, September 01 2014
National News
Obama blames Americans' anxious feelings on the media

As President Obama battles slumping poll numbers and multiple world crises, twice in the past few days he has laid part of the blame for an anxious public at the feet of the media.

Promising numbers: The Senate horse race could be a win for the GOP

Midterm Election Day dawns in 64 days; that is a clear, simple given, even in these complicated times when President Obama attends three out-of-town fundraisers, a private wedding and plays a four-hour round of golf during a weekend when the world is in crisis. Yeah, well. The pollsters, however, have started their engines and are eager to get rolling. From one preliminary dispatch, here are the Rasmussen Reports predictions for the U.S. Senate “Balance of Power” rankings:

Ted Cruz wants U.S. citizens fighting with Islamic State banished from country

Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, told a crowd of 3,000 at a conservative summit in Dallas that Americans fighting with Islamic State militants should be exiled from the country saying, “we need to not let into this country any American who is fighting with ISIS.”

President Obama Signs $16.3B Bill to Overhaul VA

President Barack Obama on Thursday signed major Veterans Affairs Department legislation intended to speed up access to healthcare for thousands of veterans and hold accountable any executives deemed to be incompetent or abusing their positions.

House, Senate intel chiefs press White House to take action against Islamic militants

Leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committees on Sunday prodded President Barack Obama to take decisive action against what they say are growing threats from Islamic State militants on U.S. soil.

Driving stoned? States prep for marijuana DUI

Legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington is raising highway safety concerns. It's illegal to drive while high on pot in every state.