Thursday, July 31 2014


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Science News Articles for Thursday, July 31 2014
Science News
Ancient cricket found in neglected primeval amber

A previously unknown ancient cricket species has been discovered in a piece of hardened amber.

Intensifying ocean acidity from carbon emissions hitting Pacific shellfish industry

For more than a century, Bill Taylor's family has used the calm, protected waters of Puget Sound to raise oysters, planting billions of larvae in underwater beds and then harvesting them to ship to some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Meteor showers visible through August

The Delta Aquarids meteor shower peaked Tuesday night, but meteors will still be visible through Aug. 23 and some early meteors from the Perseid shower may be seen this week.

Tiny drones are almost as efficient as hummingbirds, new study says

While nature still has the edge when it comes to flight efficiency, designers of the most advanced mini-helicopter drones are getting close, according to a new study comparing the tiny devices with hummingbirds.

Octopus mom protects her eggs for an astonishing 4-1/2 years

If someone were to create an award for "mother of the year" in the animal kingdom, a remarkably dedicated eight-limbed mom from the dark and frigid depths of the Pacific Ocean might be a strong contender.