Saturday, September 20 2014


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World News Articles for Saturday, September 20 2014
World News
Immigration worker union warns ‘serious threat’ of ISIS entering US

The union representing America's immigration caseworkers warned Thursday of the "real and serious threat" that Islamic State terrorists could gain entry to the United States, either by slipping through the southern U.S. border or exploiting "loose and lax" visa policies.

World Population Could Hit 12.3 Billion by 2100

The world population may balloon to anywhere between 9.6 and 12.3 billion by 2100, according to a new report that used statistics from the United Nations. The new estimates far outstrip previous calculations of 7.2 billion.

Can Ukraine's aviation giant airlift the nation's economy out of crisis?

The aircraft-maker Antonov is the closest thing Ukraine has to an industrial 'national champion' that might achieve worldwide success. But the hurdles it faces are many.

Why Ukraine's plight has yet to set off alarms at the White House

Ukrainian President Poroshenko's call for more military and economic aid has won strong backers in Congress, including among Democrats, but President Obama has been wary of offering lethal military aid.