Friday, August 29 2014


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World News Articles for Friday, August 29 2014
World News
Obama confesses: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’ for Islamic State

President Obama acknowledged Thursday he doesn’t have a plan for defeating Islamist militants in Syria and backed away from imminent military action, while he also downplayed reports of a new Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Egypt's Morsi accused of leaking secrets to Qatar

Egypt's ousted and jailed Islamist President Mohammed Morsi refused to answer a prosecutor's questions about allegations that he leaked classified documents — some related to the army's budget— to Qatar via the Doha-based Al-Jazeera broadcaster, Egypt's official news agency reported Thursday.

U.N. Says 43 Peacekeepers Detained by Armed Group in Golan Heights

The United Nations said Thursday that 43 UN peacekeepers are being detained by “an armed group” at the border between Syria and Israel where Islamist militants are clashing with the Syrian military. Another 81 UN peacekeepers in the area of separation were trapped at their positions, the UN said.

Fighting in Syria spawns separate civil war in global jihadist movement

Syria’s bloody civil war has spawned a separate rift with ramifications well beyond the region known as the Levant -- a battle for the very soul of the global jihad movement.

Rescuers seek survivors of China landslide

Hundreds of rescuers hunted Friday for survivors of a massive landslide in southwestern China that killed at least 14 people.

James Foley 'was waterboarded by Islamic State'

American journalist James Foley, and at least four hostages held in Syria by Islamic State militants were waterboarded during their captivity, according to reports.

China says it will respond to more frequent US spy flights

China says US spy flights are coming more often, and closer to China's coast. China officials rejected US characterizations of its fighter jets acting recklessly.

Ukraine conflict: Big questions explained

The conflict in eastern Ukraine has intensified, with the Kiev government and its Western allies accusing Russia of sending in troops and armour to help the rebels.

Brazil dismantles large deforestation gang

The federal prosecutor's office in the jungle state of Para said eight suspected members were taken into custody on Wednesday and could be charged with invading public lands, environmental crimes, forgery, criminal association and money laundering. They face more than 50 years in jail, although Brazilian law stipulates that no one can serve more than 30 years.