Wednesday, October 01 2014


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World News Articles for Wednesday, October 01 2014
World News
Islamic State Fighting Strains Pentagon Budget

President Barack Obama's expansion of airstrikes in the Middle East is creating new strains on Pentagon planners who thought the days of costly military operations in that region were over—at least for now.

In Hong Kong, both sides brace for Wednesday showdown

A showdown looms Wednesday between China and pro-democracy protesters who hope a two-day national holiday will spark even greater mass demonstrations to expand this enclave's freedom.

US-Afghan security deal signed: why it's small, but important

The security agreement signed by the US and Afghanistan Tuesday doesn't mean big numbers of American troops. It means an important confidence boost.

Islamic State: Is Turkey jeopardizing peace with Kurdish minority?

Islamic State militants are besieging the Syrian town of Kobane, leading tens of thousands of Kurds to flee into Turkey. Kurdish leaders accuse Turkey of supporting IS in order to curb Kurdish self-rule in Syria.