Friday, October 24 2014


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Ideas and Society

How Politics Takes an interest in You By Sutherland Institute

You may think you don't have an interest in politics, but it takes an interest in you--right down to the price of your food.

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Most Current Articles in Ideas and Society

Take the long view of Supreme Court’s (non)decision on marriage

Defenders of marriage will, and should, support the states still defending their marriage laws in other lawsuits.

By William C. Duncan
The Relationship Between Politics and Covenants

The founding fathers of America devised a unique or exceptional form of government which encourages people of faith to participate in the political process while protecting us from a state instituted church.

By Mike Mansfield
Be ‘warriors’ for social justice, Mike Lee and Arthur Brooks urge S.L. audience

"If you believe in fighting to improve life for poor and middle-class families, you cannot believe that trimming a hedge is less valuable than managing a hedge fund."

By Pamela Whitmore
Profanity for “Educational Reasons”

When Andy Napper's 13-year-old daughter came home from school with a permission slip to say that she would be reading a book with some swearing in it, he thought that it couldn't be too bad if it was from school, but decided to ask for a copy anyway.

By Franz Sidney
America: Great Promise, Terrible Curse

If there is one thing that will do more to destroy America than anything else, it is not worshipping Jesus Christ as the God of the land.

By Gary C. Lawrence
Is Healthy Utah a good idea? More information changes people’s minds

Sutherland Institute commissioned a poll by Magellan Strategies that was released this week about Utah voters’ support for Medicaid expansion in its various forms, including Governor Gary Herbert’s preferred “Healthy Utah” form of expansion.

By Sutherland Institute
Public Sees Religion’s Influence Waning

Nearly three-quarters of the public (72%) now thinks religion is losing influence in American life, up 5 percentage points from 2010 to the highest level in Pew Research polling over the past decade.

By the Pew Research Center
The New Era of Global Instability

Is this a temporary surge in war and pestilence or a prelude to prophesied events?

By Warren Aston
Gradual Corruption and Budding Tyranny

We are on the cusp of tyranny in America. The cases of government corruption are too numerous to think otherwise.

By Gary C. Lawrence