Monday, September 01 2014


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3 Mormon Moms Create Multi-Million Dollar Company

3 Mormon moms, all sisters, looking to make some extra cash created multi-million dollar company.

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The Cancerous Administrative State

“Even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

By Gary C. Lawrence
The Turning: 7 Ways to Strengthen and Protect Your Family

Here are seven direct and effective approaches to strengthening, protecting, and preserving our families. These approaches have always been important, but now, in the face of all that is happening to the family, they are more crucial and more necessary th

By Richard and Linda Eyre
Meridian Cares Update: Liberian Latter-day Saints on Ebola’s Frontline

Latter-day Saints fighting Ebola in Liberia are making progress by sleeping in their cars, traveling long distances and exposing themselves to danger.

By Maurine Proctor
Whether by Fire or Blade, 'Green Energy' is Killing Birds

The quest for green energy has brought some unintended consequences.

By Carl Graham
The Turning: What Can we Do about Family Breakdown?

The family is breaking down in our society, and a new book, excerpted here, tells us what we can do about it.

By Richard and Linda Eyre
You Work; I’ll Eat

“There has never been but one question in all civilization – how to keep a few men from saying to many men: You work and earn bread and we will eat it.” – Abraham Lincoln.

By Gary C. Lawrence
Eyewitness Report: Meridian On the Ground in Israel

The edginess is palpable here in Israel just now. We feel it everywhere. This place that we call second home is tense, and most of our conversations here, both with Israeli's and Palestinians, have been about the war.

By Maurine Proctor
Who is Winning the War on Families?

How do we turn the tide? How do we fortify families? How do we celebrate commitment? How do we popularize parenting? How do we bolster balance? How do we validate values?

By Richard and Linda Eyre
Robin Williams: Understanding the Causes of Suicide

Since losing my son to suicide a decade ago I have spent untold hours researching the “whys” of suicide and the “hows” of recovery for survivors.

By Darla Isackson