Thursday, April 24 2014


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Different Religions Respond to Atheist Attack on Church Housing Allowances

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty filed an amicus brief on behalf of Muslim, Southern Baptist, Eastern Orthodox, and Hindu religious groups in a closely-watched case involving a 60-year-old tax provision called the “parsonage allowance.

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Understanding the arguments before the 10th Circuit Court regarding Utah’s marriage law

To help Utahans get a better grasp on the historic Utah marriage amendment case, Bill Duncan, Sutherland Institute’s director of the Center for Family and Society has provided a video guide to the key arguments.

United Faiths At The United Nations

It is no secret that boundaries are being crossed and topics are being legislated at the United Nations that are not the proper role of national government let alone international government.

By Nicholeen Peck
‘Unbelievable’? Here’s what’s unbelievable: Michigan judge’s attitude

What does “unbelievable” mean? To most of us, it means that something is clearly not true or at least is so implausible as to justify our rejecting it as an explanation.

By William C. Duncan
Internet Pornography: The Largest Unregulated Social Experiment in History

A recent New York Times article by David Segal concludes that the jury is still out with respect to the "hazardous mix of teenagers and pornography." Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby religious freedom case is critical and has very specific implications.

How a Telecommunications Giant Aids Sex Trafficking

Corporate America is facilitating sex trafficking. Here's a list of the Dirty Dozen who play their role.

Health Care Law’s ‘Contraception Mandate’ Reaches the Supreme Court

March 25, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in two cases challenging regulations arising from the Affordable Care Act which requires employers to include free coverage of contraceptive services in their employees’ health insurance plans.

Adventures in South Africa

A photographic journey through the wilds of this fascinating country.

By Dian Thomas
Lone Survivor: The Rest of the Story

Lone Survivor. Maybe you read the book. Maybe you saw the movie. But Jeff Peterson of the Tucson West Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lived the real thing.

By Debbi Weitzell