Friday, August 01 2014


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Vacationing with a Purpose By Dian Thomas

I have been on the road for thirty-plus years and have never lost a pound while traveling. My biggest worry whether I am on a business trip or a vacation is how much weight I will gain.

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6 Doctrines of Freedom

Teaching doctrine changes behavior better than teaching behavior changes behavior. I’ve long believed that freedom has doctrines just like a religion.

By Paul Mero
Court Rejects Atheists’ Attempt To Remove Ground Zero Cross from Museum

Cross’s spiritual role at Ground Zero has historical significance.

By The Becket Fund
Secular Religion and Its Three-Pound God

If someone claims the human mind is the greatest power in the universe, ask him to create a blade of grass.

By Gary C. Lawrence
The War on (Unborn) Women

As the argument is spun, the right’s “war on women” oppresses women’s quality of life by opposing proposed liberal policies regarding things like abortion and employee pay, but you must admit the conservative perspective gives all women a chance at life.

By Sutherland Institute
Meridian Cares Alert: Largest Fire in Washington State History: Immediate Needs from Meridian Readers

The largest fire in Washington State history is a veritable inferno that has charred more than 380 square miles and displaced thousands. We are asking Meridian readers for immediate help.

By Scot Facer Proctor
Overreacting to Losing May Make you Lose Again

That’s one conclusion of a Brigham Young University study published this week by the journal Management Science. The finding is based on an analysis of two decades of data on NBA coaching decisions.

By BYU Media Relations
Journalist praises Mormon singles wards: “We are going to treat you like grownups”

Naomi Schaefer Riley‘s new book Got Religion? looks at one of the big questions of religion today: Why are 20somethings dropping out of religious institutions? One chapter examines how Mormon singles ward help in this challenge.

Grieving Texas Community Gathers for Stay Family Funeral

Church officials said about 1,500 people attended the funeral for the six members of the Stay family, shot to death at their Spring home last week.

There’s so much more to caregiving than government ‘support’

Utah ranks dead last in providing government support for family caregivers yet 89 percent of adults with disabilities in Utah are satisfied with their quality of life.

By Paul Mero