Sunday, April 20 2014


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Different Religions Respond to Atheist Attack on Church Housing Allowances

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty filed an amicus brief on behalf of Muslim, Southern Baptist, Eastern Orthodox, and Hindu religious groups in a closely-watched case involving a 60-year-old tax provision called the “parsonage allowance.

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Most Current Articles in Politics

Understanding the arguments before the 10th Circuit Court regarding Utah’s marriage law

To help Utahans get a better grasp on the historic Utah marriage amendment case, Bill Duncan, Sutherland Institute’s director of the Center for Family and Society has provided a video guide to the key arguments.

Latter-day Saint Survival in the Political Arena

Some people have approached me and asked, “Ed, how can you stand to be involved in politics? There are only dishonest people there. You cannot be honest and still be in politics!“

By L. Edward Brown
U.S. Supreme Court puts same-sex marriage in Utah on hold

The high court approved the state's request to Justice Sonia Sotomayor for a stay in a two-sentence ruling that appears to have included all nine justices.

Justice Blocks Contraception Mandate on Insurance in Suit by Nuns

Roman Catholic non-profit groups receive temporary stay on an element of the Affordable Care Act that conflicts with their beliefs.

Jewish Activists Seek New Access to Temple Mount

Jewish Activists are after something that has raised alarm throughout the Muslim world.

Can We Unite Behind the Constitution?

Political unity has never been easily achieved. Even in the Church, we see things differently and come from various political viewpoints. Almost any political discussion can become contentious. So when it comes to politics, how can the LDS find unity?

By Darla Isackson
Pew Study on Iranian Views of Politics and Religions

The Pew Research Center has released two new survey reports on Iran – one detailing Iranians’ views of religion and politics and another on how other populations around the globe view the country.

Treatment and Classification of Christians in the Military

Defense Secretary Hagel was questioned by the House Armed Services Committee following a disturbing email classifying Christians and Catholics alongside al-Qaeda.

What is the Islamist Movement?

All Islamists agree that majority Muslim countries should reestablish Islamic law as the foundation of the legal and political system, but they often differ as to the best means to achieve this goal.

By William J. Hamblin and Daniel C. Peterson