Church members who live in Maryland-or who have friends or relatives living in Maryland-have a wonderful and immediate opportunity to act on our leaders’ recent reminders of the importance of defending traditional man-woman marriage. Beginning this Saturday, and through Election Day on November 6, Maryland voters have the opportunity-through what is called “Ballot Question 6”-to overturn the same-gender marriage law that narrowly passed the Maryland legislature earlier this year.

Beyond voting, here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Encourage all of your friends and relatives who live in Maryland to vote AGAINST Question 6-for the sake of our culture and the next generation of children who will be born or raised in Maryland. Even if Maryland isn’t considered “in play” for the presidential election, the vote on Question 6 is expected to be very close. So every vote will count!
  2. If you live in or near Maryland, volunteer to pass out flyers and answer questions at the polls-during early voting from October 27 to November 1, or on Election Day, November 6. To sign up, go to the “Volunteer” tab at
  3. Whether or not you live in or near Maryland, make a contribution to support the pro-marriage campaign. Go to the “Donate” tab at

I can’t promise that future generations of Marylanders will personally thank you for your support: Once this crisis has passed, they likely won’t fully understand the threat that the new Maryland law poses to our culture of marriage or to the welfare of children. But I’m certain there is One who will be very pleased with those who step up and defend traditional marriage during this critical time.