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Does Meridian really come to you for free each day?  Of course not!  It takes thousands and thousands of dollars each month to bring you all that you receive.  Just like NPR, just like Wikipedia, just like PBSfor Meridian to continue vibrant and up-to-date, we need your support today.  That’s why I’ve chosen a cover image with many candles burning brightlyall of us together can make a big difference.  If you have not yet decided to become a voluntary subscriber, we encourage you to be one who “clicks through” this day, this hour, and gives a generous donation.  Our minimum suggested subscription amount this year is $24 (equivalent to just $2 a month for 22 isues!).  We truly need thousands of readers to respond.

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The Story of the Wishing Well

A story is told of a village in Europe that carefully put in a beautiful wishing well thereby hoping to raise a great deal of money from all the villagers to save the little school where so many of them had been educated.  The idea was that people could throw in their loose change and share their extra coins so that no one person would be overburdened.  A net was placed at the bottom of the well with ropes secured at the top so that when the appointed day came the money could easily be lifted up out of the well.  All the people were excited in hopes that their wishes for this school would come true.  Everyone loved this school.  The villagers all knew of the coming day when the celebration would take place and the money would be pulled out of the well.  Finally the day arrived and the entire village gathered in the square to watch the raising of the net.  When the net came up, water pouring out from all sides, not one coin was in the net.  Each person in the village assumed that someone else was dropping his or her coins into the wishing well.

Who IS Voluntarily Subscribing to Meridian?

We hope the story of the wishing well will not be the case with Meridian.  Some have responded to our voluntary subscription drive this year, but most have not.  To help you see this, we have compiled an interactive chart of the top subscribing states (we’ve had very little money come in from outside the US in this campaign) and thought you would be interested in seeing it.  Here are the top ten states in voluntary subscriptions:


That’s an interesting chart because it corresponds with our top-ten reading states, but it is not in the same order as our top readership.  Utah and California are number one and two respectively on both charts.  The top readership follows with 3) Arizona, 4) Idaho, and 5) Washington.  Oregon is number 8 in readership, but number 4 in voluntary subscriptions!  Thank you Oregon!  Arizona has always rivaled California and Utah in subscribers in the past.  The next five in readership are 11) New York, 12) Missouri, 13) Florida, 14) Illinois, and 15) Georgia.  This year we have seen almost no coins in the well from these states.  There are some, however, and for those who have voluntarily subscribed alreadywe thank you with all our hearts!  For those who have not yet subscribedwe would love your support!

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Let me paint the picture this way:  It would be great if we could have 100 voluntary subscribers (average) from each of the 35 remaining states (numbers 16-50).  Will you be one from your state?  It would also be very reasonable, based on our readership, to have 350 voluntary subscribers from each of the states numbering 6-15 in readership.  And if we could have 500 voluntary subscribers from each of the top five states in readership, we would make our needed goal.  Will you be a subscriber from your state?

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Which Countries Read Meridian?

Meridian is read in more than 220 countries and territories, but obviously there are mores readers in some countries than others.  Here are our top fifteen countries by readership (outside the United States):

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. United Kingdom
  4. New Zealand
  5. Germany
  6. Philippines
  7. South Africa
  8. Mexico
  9. Brazil
  10. Argentina
  11. France
  12. The Netherlands
  13. Japan
  14. Denmark
  15. Italy

We would love to have support from these and the other countries that read Meridian.  We would be so grateful if we could have 350 subscribers (that is not very many compared to the Canadian readership) from Canada; 150 donors each from Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Germany; 100 from the Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, and 50 each from France, The Netherlands, Japan, Denmark and Italy.

  All told, that is only 1,700 voluntary subscribers outside the United States.  Will you be one of them?

As you remember, we have just released Meridian in Spanish and we will soon be releasing other things in many other languages.

  We really need your support!  Bitte?  Por favor? S’il vous plat? Alsjeblieft? ??????? Per favore?

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I can make this promise:  I will shut the campaign down when we reach our goal.  If it happens today, you won’t see another article on our voluntary subscription campaign this year.  Know that we have a goal based on our needs and every dollar will help Meridian move forward and stay strong and current.

As always, if you feel more comfortable sending your voluntary subscription through the mail, please make checks to Meridian Magazine and send to:

Meridian Magazine
PO Box 203
American Fork, UT  84003-0203

For all who have subscribed to this point I offer my personal thanks and gratitude.  We feel your support and your loyalty.

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Blessings to you every one,
Scot Proctor, Publisher