KENSINGTON, Maryland — Making a debut performance at the Washington DC Temple Visitors’ Center Monday, May 19, The Ten Drum Art Percussion Group is lively entertainment that brings an audience to its feet with applause.   The event is free to the public and begins at 7 pm. 

The group was founded in Taiwan by Hsieh Shi, who started playing drums at the age of three, and later developed into a world-class artist, teacher and composer.  He started the Ten Percussion School, which has its own performance hall and museum.  Hsieh Shi is very skilled at performing traditional drum compositions, especially on the Teochew’s Drum, Walken Lion Drum, and on row-drums.  

The percussionists performed in Korea at the opening ceremony of the World Cup Soccer finals, as well as in Sydney, Australia at the 2000 Olympics.  They also have participated in the Kaoshiung International Drum Festival and the Taipei International Million Drums Musical Concert, and have staged more than 300 performances.

In the effort to expand the global percussion music culture, Hsieh Shi has invited world-class percussionists and composers to give lectures and seminars and share drumming techniques.  He aims to make Taiwan known worldwide as a “Musical Island of Percussion Art.” 

The Ten Drum Art Percussion Group is touring the USA and would like to invite the public to join with them for a unique experience.  The event is free.