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Joni Hilton
Thursday, February 23 2012

Is There Such a Thing as Mormon Manners?
(And How to Make Sure Your Future Missionaries Have Them!)

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  • In a crowd, always look around for the person no one is speaking to, and ask them something. Get their opinion, get to know them, include them. Even young children can learn to do this.
  • Teach children to be quick to apologize if they step on someone’s feet, bump them, or otherwise make a mistake. How many couples do you know who suffer because one or both parties can’t say the simple words, “I’m sorry”? Prevent your child from being such a person by teaching them it isn’t painful to apologize, but rather builds bridges of respect.

    There are dozens of additional ways to show consideration to others. Your children might even enjoy putting together a “family etiquette book” of rules that make your family shine. Let’s make “Mormon Manners” a positive trait we’re known for, a level of respectful behavior you can always count on from LDS kids and adults alike.  

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    She has written 17 books, three award-winning plays, and is a frequent public speaker and a former TV talk show host. She is also the author of the "As the Ward Turns" series, "The Ten-Cow Wives' Club," and "The Power of Prayer." Hilton is a frequent writer for "Music & The Spoken Word," many national magazines, and can be reached at her website, She is married to TV personality Bob Hilton, is the mother of four, and currently serves as Relief Society President in her ward in northern California.





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