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Image via Greg Olsen.

The Church History Museum of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will launch a new online exhibit titled “From Plates to Pages: Writing and Reading the Book of Mormon” on October 26, 2016. The exhibit, available on the museum’s website, is the final installment of a 2016 series intended to enrich viewers’ personal study of the Book of Mormon with selections of artwork from the Church History Museum art collection.

The artwork in the exhibit depicts efforts of Book of Mormon prophets to keep and preserve a record of the history and faith of their people and shows how that record influences the lives of people today. The first section calls attention to “the records,” kept on metal plates by ancient prophets and brought forth out of the ground in the 1820s by Joseph Smith. The artwork in the next section shows the record on printed pages “in our hands,” making a spiritual impact on individuals and families who read it. Taken collectively the exhibit conveys a sense of the great desires of ancient prophets to preserve this record for our day, “that [we] may know . . . and also . . . believe the gospel of Jesus Christ” (Mormon 3:20-21).

Church History Museum Director Alan Johnson adds, “We hope these images will help each of us remember the efforts of those that came before who recorded their experiences and testimonies. Likewise, we are forever grateful to those who helped bring these records forward in our day so that through our own study of them, we can come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.”