As I get used to writing this column, I find it helpful to try to pose a question drawn from my own personal experiences.

This past week marked the 6th anniversary of the death of our son and daughter-in-law’s darling son Jackson who died in an accidental drowning 6 years ago. We also experienced within our family news of miscarriage and a high risk pregnancy, reminding us all of the fragile nature of life.

As I’ve pondered what to say to our children in these situations, I marvel at how well each of them seem to cope. I think back at our parenting and hope that they each learned ‘something’ from lessons Jim and I taught them while they lived at home; something of how to experience joy as well as how to endure trials.

So, my questions to you is this;

What would be the ONE THING that you would most want to TEACH your children/grandchildren as they travel the roller-coaster of life?


Send your thoughts to and we’ll print many of them next week.