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One reader actually asked to be taken off our list recently.

Why? Here’s what he wrote: “Please remove me from your mailing list. I’m spending altogether too much time with Meridian. I’ve enjoyed every issue. I’m lifted and blessed, but, I just can’t keep up any more. Besides, I’m a Catholic priest and I need to attend more to my duties. Thank you so much.” We were honored to remove him from our list and rejoiced in the friendship we had formed.

Another reader sent us this note: “We’re serving a mission in Southeast Asia. We feel pretty removed in our remote location from the body of the Church. Opening our inboxes each morning and getting our Meridian keeps us connected and up-to-date with the Church and with others throughout the world. Whatever you do: KEEP PUBLISHING!”

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One other reader said this: “We gladly send you $50 because we know what it must take to do what you do at Meridian. We want our check to be our vote of confidence for you to continue! Thank you and keep up the good work!”

And another reader sent us this personal note: “I’m on a fixed income so I can’t offer much but I could not live without Meridian. I’m blessed every day by you all—you are my favorite thing on the Internet. Please keep publishing and THANK YOU!”

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How many people read Meridian? This year we’ve had more than 2.1 million unique readers. What does that mean? It means that if you personally clicked on Meridian 30 times this year, you would be counted as 1 unique reader. We had 2.1 million of you! Thank you!

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This year we will be sending out a personal letter to some of you—we don’t have a lot of your addresses. We know it’s more expensive to use the mail, but we’re trying every way we can to get your attention and garner your support.

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Where else can you spend $3 a month and get so much in return? That’s about a gallon of milk (and that won’t last a whole month). You can’t even buy a small popcorn at theaters these days for $3. If you’re inside the United States that will buy you a gallon of gas—which, if you are driving a Toyota Prius could take you 50 or 60 miles! But we hope that $3 a month investment in Meridian Magazine will take you even further.

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