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June 26, 2017

First Line News Articles for Monday, June 26 2017

LDS News

Mormon church opens a district in Cuba. Will missionaries soon follow?

Just days after President Donald Trump announced a scaling back of U.S. involvement with Cuba, the LDS Church enlarged its presence in the Caribbean country.

BYU formally adds amnesty clause to Sexual Misconduct Policy

BYU officially formalized its amnesty policy regarding sexual misconduct following recommendations the Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault provided last October.

What Mormon Family Trees Tell Us About Cancer

Nobody knew it then, but the genetic mutation came to Utah by wagon with the Hinman family.

New FamilySearch Center helps you discover your past and preserve stories for the future

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re related to someone famous or if those family rumors about distant relations are true, you can find out at the new FamilySearch Center in St. George, which officially opens Tuesday.

Mitt Romney’s ‘Mormon moment’ 5 years later

It lasted a grueling 17 months — or six years, counting back to his initial run.