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June 24, 2017

First Line News Articles for Saturday, June 24 2017

Top Stories

Former CIA officer accused of selling top secret information to China

A former CIA officer sold top secret and other classified documents to Chinese intelligence officials, according to charges filed Thursday in Alexandria federal court.

Court clears Mississippi LGBT objections law; appeal likely

A federal appeals court said Thursday that Mississippi can start enforcing a law that allows merchants and government employees cite religious beliefs to deny services to same-sex couples, but opponents of the law immediately pledged to appeal.

Senate health care bill softens edges of House plan, with tax subsidies and Medicaid expansion

Republican leaders faced an immediate backlash Thursday after revealing their Obamacare replacement bill, leaving campaign vows to repeal the 2010 health care law in doubt as the Senate pushes toward a showdown on the chamber floor next week.

U.S. top court sets higher bar for stripping citizenship

The Supreme Court handed a setback to the Trump administration on Thursday by making it harder for the government to strip immigrants of U.S. citizenship in a case involving an ethnic Serb woman who lied about her husband’s military service after Yugoslavia’s collapse.