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February 25, 2017

First Line News Articles for Saturday, February 25 2017


Syria ‘safe zones’ for refugees pose dangers for U.S. alliances

President Trump’s vision of “safe zones” for refugees fleeing the brutal violence of Syria’s civil war is running into opposition from a key ally, Turkey, which is warning that the U.S.-protected areas will become havens for Kurdish militant movements that have long battled Ankara. The dispute widens deep-seated resentments between two key allies that the U.S. is relying on in the final battle to defeat the Islamic State in Syria.

Duterte’s fiercest drug-war critic faces arrest warrant — on drug charges

The leading critic of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s expansive crackdown on drug dealers is facing an arrest warrant on drug-related charges that she described as “simply surreal.”

Kim Jong Nam Death: Diplomatic Spat Between North Korea and Malaysia Intensifies

North Korea lashed out at Malaysia over the death of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother Thursday, in a searing diatribe that accused its ally of collaborating with South Korea to harm the regime.

Turkey-backed rebels enter center of Islamic State’s al-Bab stronghold in Syria

Turkish-backed rebels said they seized the center of the Syrian town of al-Bab from Islamic State militants Thursday, marking a breakthrough in a grinding offensive to push the extremist group from one of its final strongholds.

Iraqi Forces Take Most of Mosul Airport in Push Against ISIS

Iraqi forces have seized most of Mosul’s airport, an important milestone in the broader offensive to retake from the Islamic State the western half of the city, allied and Iraqi officials said on Thursday.