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May 28, 2017

Past Issues

VIDEO: Muslim Man and Jewish Woman’s Joint Prayer in Manchester (Wednesday 24 May, 2017)

Among those that came to remember the victims were Sadiq Patel and Renee Black. Sadiq is Muslim and Renee is Jewish, two groups that are often at serious odds with one another. But that didn't stop the two from traveling to Manchester together and combining their faith to pray for the victims and their families.

“A Democratic Republic Requires Good People Who Select Wise and Pure Leaders” (Wednesday 24 May, 2017)

On May 25, 1787, two hundred thirty years ago today, delegates formally gathered in Philadelphia for a convention that saved a fledgling nation. Their work was nothing short of miraculous, yielding fruit in the form of a Constitution that has sustained and in a principled way nourished our nation for over two centuries.

How Do You Really Feel About Yourself? (Wednesday 24 May, 2017)

Have you joined the Self-Acceptance movement? Here’s why I don’t like it.

Two LDS Men Reconnect with Childhood Friend After Finding Him Homeless in Salt Lake City (Wednesday 24 May, 2017)

Michael Hansen usually got off on the Temple Square TRAX stop when he headed to Salt Lake City. But one day, his commute to work was different. When he got off on the Main Street stop, he saw a homeless man asleep on the sidewalk and he felt compelled to give him a dollar. "When I looked up at him, my jaw hit the floor."

Mormon History Day Celebrated in California (Wednesday 24 May, 2017)

Mormon pioneers were remembered during California Pioneer History Day Saturday, May 20, 2017. The annual event was held at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park in Coloma, California, where gold was first discovered January 24, 1848. Some members of the Mormon Battalion were involved in that discovery.

A Look Into The Heart Of An Adoptive Parent (Wednesday 24 May, 2017)

As I’ve studied the doctrine behind adoption, I’ve come to realize that God doesn’t distinguish between biological and adopted children. In the light of the gospel, we’re all brothers and sisters who have been given stewardship over our other brothers and sisters, in order to learn how to become heavenly parents ourselves.

What it’s Like to Divorce in a “Families Are Forever” Culture (Wednesday 24 May, 2017)

I wondered if anyone really cared about me now that my family had fallen apart? Was I no longer wanted in the Church as a divided entity? Had I belonged to a “Perfect Family Club” all along and didn’t know it until I no longer fit in? Am I the only one?