The following is a chronological listing of each of the published chapters of The Revised and Enhanced History of Joseph Smith by His Mother.  Please click on any chapter or section to read or reread it, or to catch any you have missed.

What Was Edited Out of the Most Personal Book Ever Written about Joseph Smith?

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Can you imagine what a boon it would be if the mother of any of the great men or women of the world had written their biographies? What if we had personal insights no other historian could give from the mother of George Washington or Joan of Arc? As Latter-day Saints, we have that kind of remarkable resource on the life of Joseph Smith, written by his mother Lucy Mack Smith, a rare thing indeed.  
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Did Brigham Young Reject Lucy Mack Smith’s Book on Joseph?

In this article,
 published yesterday, we talked about how Lucy’s Preliminary Notes were extensively edited before they became the book we have had for years in the Church. Many readers asked, “Did Brigham Young edit Lucy’s book, and if so why?” Here’s the answer.


Editors’ Note:  In serializing Lucy Mack Smith’s History, we have purposely omitted the first 7 chapters.  They are all about Lucy Mack Smith’s father, Solomon Mack, and about each of her siblings.  Chapter 8, where we begin, starts with the marriage of Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith in January of 1796.

The Revised and Enhanced History of Joseph Smith by His Mother–Chapter 8

An introduction to the early life of Lucy Mack, her visits to Tunbridge, Vermont, and subsequent marriage to Joseph Smith.  July 8, 1775 to January 24, 1796.  Click here to read this chapter.



Revised and Enhanced History of Joseph Smith by His Mother–Chapter 9

A wedding present of one thousand dollars from Stephen Mack and John Mudget to Lucy.  Six years on the farm at Turnbridge, Vermont.  Two children, Alvin and Hyrum, added to the Smith family.  Move to Randolph, Vermont.  January 1796 to spring 1802.  Click here to read this chapter.


When Lucy Mack Smith Nearly Died–Chapter 10

Lucy’s sickness and near death at Randolph, Vermont.  Fall 1802.  Click here to read this chapter.



Joseph Smith, Sr. Starts a Ginseng Business and Loses Their Farm–Chapter 11

Joseph Smith Sr. begins the business of crystallizing ginseng root. He exports a large quantity to China but is taken by fraud and deceit, and the entire venture fails. He loses his business in Randolph and has to sell the Tunbridge farm. Visit of Jason Mack, brother of Lucy, and final correspondence from Jason before his death.  Fall 1802 to late spring 1803.  Click here to read this chapter.


Lucy Mack Smith has a Prophetic Dream–Chapter 12

Lucy’s dream to the two beautiful trees by a very pure and clear stream in a magnificent meadow.  Interpretation is given about Joseph Smith Sr. and his older brother, Jesse Smith.  Spring or summer 1803.  To read this chapter, click here.


Joseph Smith Sr.’s Dream of the Tree of Life


The Smiths move from Tunbridge to Royalton, then to Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont, where they rent a farm from Solomon Mack, Lucy’s father. Births of Joseph Jr., Samuel Harrison, Ephraim, and William mentioned. First and second in a series of seven visions or dreams given to Joseph Smith Sr. First, the dream of the box, and second, the dream of the tree of life.  Summer 1803 to late summer 1812.  Click here to read this chapter.

Typhoid Fever Epidemic Ravages the Smith Family

The Smiths settle in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The older children start school. Typhoid fever epidemic rages, and all the Smith children contract the disease. Sophronia’s ninety-day siege, near death, and miraculous recovery.

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