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Here’s why it matters.

Do you ever get tired of bad news? Or of hearing sophisticated voices in the media supporting immorality? Or saying that religion is for the foolish? Or watching the world swing ever lower? We do.

We thought if you heard a false idea—supported by millions—often enough, you might begin to think it was true. Especially if there was no place else to go in the media where you can be surrounded by the like-minded.

That’s why we created Meridian Magazine. We felt compelled to create a clear voice in a chaotic world. We thought Latter-day Saints needed a faithful, independent voice that came to them every day that gave them perspective and hope. We hoped to help our readers sift truth from error in a world where that isn’t always clear.

We wanted to:

Brighten people’s day,
Inspire them,
Bring them the best LDS authors to give depth and insight to their gospel study,
Introduce them to Mormons all over the world,
Take them to the big Church events like temple dedications through photo and word.
Offer articulation so they could support and defend their moral views.
Help readers keep a finger on the pulse of the world and be informed.
Support readers in their spiritual journey.
Share the unique and revelatory stories of the faithful.

That’s just what we’ve been doing every day for 16 years in thousands of articles. Please keep reading.

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This year alone, in several articles and films, we took our readers to the best candidate for Nephi’s Bountiful in Oman. (Readers felt a little bit like Indiana Jones).

Meridian reporters stood in the rain to bring you scores of photos when the Gilbert Arizona Temple youth celebration was sopping with water.

Meridian reported on the work of an LDS charity helping out in the Ebola crisis in Liberia (and readers’ donations enabled them to continue their work). We saw photos that another LDS charity took while they were screening and then feeding malnourished LDS Children.

Meridian brought you the beautiful faces of the extreme poor of Nepal.

We brought you the inspirational, educational insights of more than 100 regular writers. (Imagine bringing a group like this to your house for an evening chat. That’s what you have every day on Meridian.)

We plunged into the scriptures with 48 gospel doctrine lessons and countless articles by gospel scholars.

Won’t you help us continue to do this? Don’t hesitate. Just do it now. You give a gift to your Home and Visiting Teachers—and they only come once a month! Meridian comes every day. (Keep reading to see some of your favorite film stars)

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Remember the cost of two movie tickets and a small popcorn as the voluntary subscription price? We looked into it and—as it turns out—even the movies agree that you should support Meridian.

Scarlett O’Hara was really thinking of Meridian when she confronted Rhett Butler in the last scene of Gone with the Wind.


Scarlett O'Hara

When Tom Cruise reminded Cameron Diaz in Knight and Day what her life expectancy was “with me” and “without me”, he really meant “with Meridian” and “without Meridian.”

When Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home” in The Wizard of Oz, she really meant, “There’s no place like Meridian’s home page.” You always like coming home to us. And we like coming home to you.

No Place Like Home Page of Meridian

When Darth Vadar said “Impressive” in Star Wars (A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away), he wasn’t talking about the destruction of Alderaan, or Luke Skywalker’s prowess, but the latest edition of Meridian.

When Oliver, in Oliver, brought his empty plate up and asked for more, he, like us, was asking for your voluntary subscription to Meridian.

Oliver Please Sir

And being Meridian readers we know you won’t respond like the mean man in the workhouse.

Oliver What More

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We thank you so much for your support. We appreciate you. We love to serve you. And Meridian cannot continue without your help.

As always, if you feel more comfortable sending us a generous check, you can make it to Meridian Magazine (it actually saves us a little money) and send it to:

Meridian Magazine
PO Box 203
American Fork, UT 84003-0203