I feel and have been so blessed to be a part of this great work.  I feel what Paul expressed saying, “And I thank Christ Jesus, our Lord, who hath enabled me for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry”, 1 Tim. 1:12.  It has been a dream come true.

As I’ve thought about the lives that I have witnessed changed on my mission both to Mongolia and later in America, one particular young woman comes to mind.  Her name is Enkhmaa.  She lives in a small town in Mongolia on the Russian border.  She has an instinctive spirituality and a very bright and naturally cheery personality.

I love her because of her easiness and willingness to believe.  She was willing to be humbled without having to be compelled to be humble.

Enkhmaa found the church herself after hearing of it from her brother-in-law in another city.  She is 19 and wandered in to church on conference weekend in October.  She began being taught by the sister missionaries immediately.  I became more familiar with her a couple of weeks later when we combined areas.

My companion told me I would love her because she sincerely believes and wanted to follow everything we taught her.  She was right… Enkhmaa truly was ready for the gospel and soaked in everything we taught her.

As the time for her baptism approached, the whole church in Mongolia was quarantined because of an outbreak of the swine flu. During this time of waiting and lack of any church meetings or activities, her faith was severely tested.  She questioned some things because of what others had said.  But, she continued to “experiment upon the word.”

I will never forget one of our lessons,  We were reviewing some scriptures and asking her some questions.  She began to cry.  She explained that she felt so sad for some of the things she had done, but nothing serious.  She felt sorrow for such things as saying unkind words, or doing an unkind act.  She also felt guilty for gossiping and occasionally being less that a child of God should be.

I felt as Ammon when the King’s servants were downhearted and he took joy in knowing he could show forth God’s power.  I felt joy that her heart was broken and her Spirit contrite.  I bore testimony of the Atonement and God’s ability to forgive through Jesus Christ.  I assured her that God was pleased with her desire to be better and improve.

Enkhmaa was baptized a few weeks later.  She loved receiving the Holy Ghost.  When we asked her about it at our next lesson, she said “Oh good! I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me!”  She went on and on explaining about how the Holy Ghost was already helping her be more patient, and giving her comfort and protecting her from temptation and harm.  In short, everything in her life just seemed to be improving.

She was already so good and so pure, but the gospel is making her better!  She is experiencing a “mighty change of heart!”  She has “no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually.” Mosiah 5:2

“Blessed are the meek… yea, blessed are the poor in spirit who come unto me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven!”

Thanks be to God for allowing me to be part of her life and her story in Mongolia!  Christ lives and this is His work… it is a work of happiness!


Sister M. Lee