Passage to Zarahemla Tops List of Current Releases

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah ? With a high ranking last weekend amongst such Hollywood hit films as “The Game Plan,” and “Michael Clayton,” Passage to Zarahemla topped the list of films for Monday’s Utah film rankings and continues to be “the hit” throughout the state of Utah. 

The film ranked 4th overall for the week to date ? due, of course, to the film’s poor performance on Sunday, which was expected.  Significantly, taking Sunday out of the mix and only counting Friday, Saturday, and Monday, Passage to Zarahemla is in a statistical tie with We Own the Night for second in the state.

“We are very pleased with the results,” says the film’s director, Chris Heimerdinger, “We wear poor Sunday box office as a badge of honor, just as we’re proud of a No. 1 showing for a Monday night.  We hope this trend of re-involvement in LDS films continues. It’s been a long time in coming and we couldn’t be happier.”

Passage to Zarahemla‘s unprecedented special effects, engaging storyline and refreshing acting brought such reviews as Sean Mean’s long-time-in-coming, positive LDS review. “Novelist-turned-filmmaker Chris Heimerdinger breaks Mormon Cinema’s green Jell-O mold in Passage to Zarahemla,” he wrote, “ambitiously transposing settings from the Book of Mormon into a stimulating action-adventure drama.”  

The film also encouraged Cody Clark of the Daily Herald to say that Passage to Zarahemla was a “visually polished” film. And even Jeff Vice admitted Passage to Zarahemla is “not the same movie that local filmmakers keep offering us over and over again.”

After a period when many believed LDS cinema was dead forever, audiences are now flocking to theaters to show their support of high quality film as is found in Passage to Zarahemla.  Says Heimerdinger, “With this type of response, it only stands to reason that the bar has, once again, been raised. LDS audiences are still out there seeking quality films, which encourages me to keep my options very open.”