HOLLYWOOD, California – Ten outstanding motion pictures were recognized with CAMIE awards at the 2007 CAMIE awards at the prestigious Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood. This year five films created for the theater and five created for especially for television were recognized with CAMIES:

Theatrical Releases

  • Akeelah and the Bee
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Eight Below
  • One Night with the King
  • The Nativity Story


  • Candles on Bay Street
  • Hidden Places
  • Mother Teresa
  • The Christmas Card
  • The Water is Wide

Since it takes a conscious effort on many levels to create a CAMIE movie, up to ten beautiful solid bronze CAMIES are presented for each winning film. This recognizes individuals at all levels of filmmaking and hopefully will encourage them to be a positive influence in future productions.

Olivia Hussey, Dakota Fanning, Shirley Jones, Jeff Hephner, Tiffany Dupont, and Tommy “Tiny” Lister, were among the many recipients of 2007 CAMIE awards this year. Olivia Hussey starred as Mother Teresa in a marvelous film about the work of this dedicated woman. Dakota Fanning received her second CAMIE for Charlotte’s Web , the classic children’s story made into a great film by Walden Media. Shirley Jones received her CAMIE for a great story set in the depression, called Hidden Places , produced by the Hallmark Channel. Jeff Hephner starred in the Hallmark Hall of Fame film, The Water is Wide.

The president or vice president of Hallmark Hall of Fame, or both, have been present at each of the five CAMIE awards events to receive CAMIE awards. President Brad Moore was on hand this year to receive CAMIES for The Water is Wide and Candles on Bay Street. Tiffany Dupont, and Tommy “Tiny” Lister, were present to receive CAMIES for One Night With the King, as were several Gener8Xion executives and producers of this inspiring story of Esther from the Old Testament.

Another great story from the scriptures to win CAMIE awards this year was The Nativity Story. Mike Alexander, the trainer of the amazing dogs for Disney’s Eight Below , was particularly appreciative of his CAMIE as were J.R.Villarreal and Sean Michael Afable, stars in Akeelah and the Bee.

Along with stars and many other filmmakers, the CAMIEs welcomed back as presenters for this years awards, Jon Voight 2006 CAMIE award winner, for his portrayal of John Paul in last years, [Pope John Paul II (CBS)], Holliston Coleman (Miss Lettie and Me) , and Josh Flitter (The Greatest Game Ever Played ). 

CAMIES are beautiful solid bronze castings of an original sculpture representing CHARACTER AND MORALITY IN ENTERTAINMENT.

CAMIES are awarded for entertaining and uplifting motion pictures that provide positive role models for building character, overcoming adversity, correcting unwise choices, strengthening families, living moral lives, and solving life’s problems with integrity and perseverance – realizing some lessons of life come with pain and sorrow.

Motion pictures considered for CAMIES are presented with sensitivity and without gratuitous violence, sex scenes (even if brief or simulated), or implications that non-married sex is acceptable. Respectable language and modesty are strongly encouraged.

Steve Blinn, one of the executives at Gener8Xion Entertainment, describes the One Night with the King project as a Christmas present – because the phone call with the good news that they had received the needed funding came on Christmas Eve. But when he was asked to write the screenplay for a film based on a book adaptation of the traditional story of Esther, he was hesitant at best. “Initially I wasn’t interested in writing the script,” he says. “I had written the scripts for most of our other projects, and I just wanted to be one of the producers on this. Not that I didn’t like the story of Esther, but there was nothing that really got me excited about it.”

What changed his mind was a conversation he had with Matt Crouch, one of the founders of Gener8Xion Entertainment. “Matt sat me down and said, ‘You know what? You have two young daughters, and there is no one better than you to write this story. I want you to sit down and write this movie as if you were writing something for your daughters, as the type of woman you want them to be.’ As soon as he said that he had me hooked!

“That is the mission statement of what the film really was,” he says about winning a CAMIE. “This is something I can hold up to my children and say, ‘You can live a life like this, and your life, no matter what your background or obstacles – God has a purpose for your life.'”

“Everyone really clamors for the Academy Awards, but ultimately all that is so subjective,” he points out. “Something like what the CAMIES stand for isn’t subjective – something either stands for something or it doesn’t. So, character and morality – what the CAMIES represent – that is right on target. That means we aimed in a direction and we hit it.

This year’s CAMIE awards event was spectacular. Although the Academy Awards spend millions on their sets and production, the CAMIES are much more modest. However, each year the CAMIES have grown and the production has become more impressive. This 5 th annual CAMIE event, the third in Hollywood, was professionally produced by Joe Lake, one of the founders of the Children’s Miracle Network and its CEO for 17-years and Stefanie Cosman, with assistance from Jeffery Goddard and Anna Klenman of TVA productions, and Kent Norton, Machelle Lake, John Marsh, Mark Shattuck, Dan Lapray, and Machelle Lake of the Starfish Television Network.

John Schneider and Leanza Cornett returned as hosts for the 2007 CAMIES along with Mark Steines (Leanza’s husband and host of the daily CBS television show, Entertainment Tonight). Besides compliments about the CAMIES by each of the hosts, John Schneider sang The Impossible Dream , pointing out that the CAMIES seemed to be an impossible dream when they started. Shirley Jones and her husband, Marty Ingels, added a light touch with a comedy act, but also talked about the value of the CAMIE awards in setting new standards for our country and the movie industry.

Commenting on the professionalism of this year’s show, CAMIE founder, Dr. Glen C. Griffin, said, “The stage set at the Goldenson Theater for the 2006 CAMIES was a single artificial tree that cost $35 at COSTCO. This year, professionals created a beautiful set with colorful lighting that surrounded the projection screen on which film clips were shown.

“All this started as a dream ten years ago by concerned parents who wanted to encourage Hollywood to create uplifting motion pictures without offensive content – and then to help people know about them on Advisory board members from many faiths and cultures include Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Alan Osmond, Marianne Jennings, Leigh Steinberg, John Schneider, Gerald R. Molen, Debby Boone, Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan, Michael Medved, Danny Gans, Pat Ware, Dr. Freda Bush, Susan Carlson, Father John Bonnici, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and others.

CAMIE awards congratulates all the recipients of this year’s awards and invites you to check out our websites, and for additional information and to get dates and times for rebroadcasts of the ceremony on The Hallmark Channel, ABC Family, Cox (Direct Access) and the Starfish Television Network.

Several films have already been nominated for 2008 CAMIES which are posted on with others being added as nominations occur during the year.