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A Child’s Take on Stake Conference

We attended stake conference today, but since our stake is so big, they held it live in one building and then broadcast it to two others.   We went to our church, but watched conference on the projector.  Marie didn’t quite get why we were at church watching this big screen.  About an hour into the meeting, she said, “Dad, I don’t like this movie.”


Family Tree

My youngest sister said, “I want to have twins when I grow up!” My mother explained that she carried the gene, so my sister had a chance. My sister started asking if grandma was a carrier, if our great-grandmother was a carrier, etc. Then she asked about our great-great-great-great-she went on like this for a few minutes-grandmother. My mother said: “Her name was Eve, OK?”

The Farnsworths

Fairfax, Virginia


Scripture Stories

Three of my young children were playing “Guess Who,” a game where they give each other clues and try to get them to guess a certain person.   My son was describing Abinadi.  One of his clues was, “Who got burned when he talked to lots of people?”  My 6-year-old guessed:  “King Noah–before he got fired!”

Sarah Flake,

Sonora, California


A Boy’s Humble Prayer

Last week in Primary, one of the 8-year-old boys gave the closing prayer. I had to laugh-and pass the message on to his mom-when he prayed that we would all return home to a “very well prepared meal.”


Never Too Soon

While eating dinner with my grandchildren, my 5-year-old granddaughter made some sassy remarks to her mother. Her father immediately reprimanded her for being disrespectful and asked, “Lyndee, why did you act like that?” She replied: “Oh, Daddy, I was just practicing for when I’m a teenager!”

Sylvia Young


Blessed are the Peacemakers

While substituting for the 5-year-old Primary class, I taught a lesson entitled, “Blessed are the Peacemakers.” I asked the children if they knew what a peacemaker was and one boy responded: “It’s the kid who breaks all the toys into little pieces!”

Robert Mortensen
Mesa, Arizona


Trish Manwaring is an assistant editor of Meridian Magazine.