Movie Trailer for Joseph Smith DVD Now Available

The anticipation is running high for the thousands who have pre-ordered the new Witness of the Light DVD on the life and times of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  After the upcoming film was introduced on Friday, December 2, on Meridian’s pages with the article Meridian Movies Produces Its First on Joseph Smith the first 1,000 copies pre-sold in less than seven hours.  A review of the movie then ran that Monday, December 5:  Kieth Merrill Reviews Scot Proctor’s Witness of the Light.  Thousands more pre-orders came in.

Our goal was to have the film ready for release by the Prophet Joseph’s birthday on December 23.  Our great desire was to have it shipped long before then, but through all the processes of mastering, replication, printing and fulfillment, the DVDs will be shipped on Wednesday, December 21. 

We’re excited to show you a short, three-minute movie trailer that has been produced from Witness.  It is now available to view at the Witness website.  We invite you to watch it and enjoy a taste of the spirit of this film.  Click here to go to the website.  The trailer button is on the right side where it says “View Movie Trailer.” (Remember:  movie trailers are in low-resolution so that we can get them from our server to your computer and handle the thousands who will view it at once).

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